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  1. D.Smith

    mold testing

    I have been quietly sitting back here and watching this train wreck to happen over the last few years. Mold is the new black gold to restorers. They have got the media in a kick that mold is bad. (Some is some isnt) We have been living with this mold for thousands of years and untill the...
  2. D.Smith

    Plaster wall cracks? help!

    Funny you should ask this question. TOH did a segment yesterday about plaster and lathe. They did a repair where the plaster had broke away from the lathe. There is a system out there that binds the plaster back to the lathe by drilling holes.
  3. D.Smith

    Covering Block Walls

    Head to the local nursery and ask them. What works here in atlanta probably wont work where you are.
  4. D.Smith

    Does this price seem a little high for a small kitchen?

    My only concern is if he has insurance? Is it up to date? He should be able to provide you with a binder dated from his agent. If he cant, run....... Around here a liscense/insured handy man makes 50 plus per hour. Me personally I wouldnt work at that rate but I guess each to his own.
  5. D.Smith

    Should the big 3 auto-makers be bailed out?

    If the big 3 would bring back the jobs spent oversees then I can see some type of loan to help them but as I see it they made their bed when the said screw you and move all the jobs oversees. Have China bail them out. As far as them making junk I have a 2002 E350 pushing 140k, 94 Ford bronco...
  6. D.Smith

    closing up my house for two months

    For sound sleep I would shut water off and drain the hot water tank. Power failure could cool a house kept at a min temp pretty quick. Lil rv anti-freeze in each of the traps could add some piece of mind. Water is your house biggest enemy.
  7. D.Smith

    Musty basement

    Couple of things I would reccomend. Measure the cubic sq ft and get a dehu large enough, install a cold air return to force air exchange, remove all the paneling, and rent a air scrubber.
  8. D.Smith

    Removing asbestos-covered pipes

    I will stand by my comments. He came here looking for advice and unfortunatly the advice he recieved isnt what he wanted. The advice he was looking for is that abestos abatement companies are a rip off and that anyone walking upright can remove it and throw it in the rubbish. He knew it...
  9. D.Smith

    Removing asbestos-covered pipes

    Whats the purpose of coming to a forum to ask questions when he wont listen to the answers? 3-4g to remove the abestos from the piping 1.6 g to remove the piping Knowing you and the family will sleep without inhaling abestos fibers priceless.
  10. D.Smith

    underground duct

    I have worries also about the water/bugs. My first thought is its own system.
  11. D.Smith

    AZ drywall bid, How much to bid?

    Tell them you will beat any written price by 10% Just joking. Seriously I see this asked alot in all trades. Only you know what is the going rate and how much profit you need, how long you wish to keep working before you wish to retire and so forth.
  12. D.Smith

    Insulating Finished Basement

    I was watching home improvement show based in canada. This was done during the winter. He basically framed in the outside walls and sprayed insulation there. He also put in a subfloor with a layer of insulation below that.
  13. D.Smith

    What would you do?

    Market is about at the bottom and now is the time to buy used. Invest in it and watch the market.
  14. D.Smith

    plumbing in a cold zone

    I am no expert if all he is running is a shower head I would imagine that the pipe would drain out after each shower leaving nothing to freeze? Although if there is any water that freezes would take showers a difficult issue.
  15. D.Smith

    Outside hot water fawcet

    You know your driving your wife crazy when she gets the daughter to come up with some jobs for you.:):D
  16. D.Smith

    Vapor barrier under carpet pad

    I would advise against any type of pad/vapor pad in a bsmt situation. Its a given fact that all bsmts below grade will get wet. By placing a pad/vapor pad under the carpet will contribute to larger cost in restoring. If your inclined to pad your basment drylock the cement. Leave the pad...
  17. D.Smith

    old style garage doors?

    Did a quick google search for tilt and 1piece garage doors.
  18. D.Smith

    Air Conditioning Energy Saver Switch

    Wouldnt it be easier to raise the rates a lil bit 25-30.00 per month can go a long way during the summer months.
  19. D.Smith

    Help about remodeling Condo. Need to know the Posible order things need to be done in

    I would probly work it out this way. kit redo first inc ceiling. bath next paint polish ac carpet trim/lights (provided your not cutting trim inside the condo and that all your doing is replacing exsisting fixtures. I may move this up to above the cleaning if it would create dust)...
  20. D.Smith

    AFCI breakers tripping every 7 days

    I think he tried that and both breakers to the t tripped.
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