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  1. Valor Plumber

    Is bacteria growth in water softener while snow birding an issue?

    Uffda. Testing hot water will always be wrong. Unless you let it cool. Even then it’s impossible to remove all calcium from it. I take it your waters off wile snowbirding? Most softeners have a day override so at least once a month or 1-99 days you can set to regenerate wile not in...
  2. Valor Plumber

    2017 electric water heater, Worth Repairing?

    I’ve found double the life of the warranty. I think Bradford whites is 6. So if the manufacturers in a lab setting (not on a well with hard water) only recommend 6. And you can get double that. Your good. I have an electric water heater and I flush it. And change the elements works like new...
  3. Valor Plumber

    How much should I pay for A O Smith ProLine GCR-40 Water Heater replacement

    Howdy from Minnesota. That’s about right. If it’s from a supply house. Currently my Ao smith gcr 40 from my supplier is 940$. (A regional supplier). They jumped up 200$ last month. I quote 4hours (at 130$) and 100$ materials (10ft 3/4 copper, new gas valve, water valve and unions) plus...
  4. Valor Plumber

    A.O. Smith water heater sold by Lowe's

    Not a whirlpool heater. An Ashland Tennessee tank. Waterheaters are only made in three manufacturers. The parts are different. One notice for me was the foam insulation in a little lighter. There’s a plastic tank drain. The t and p valve is off brand. Is it still the same. Yes in a...
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