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  1. Zac_sta

    New Kitchen plumbing help

    Thanks for the input, appreciate it. Had a plumber come out and snake, turns out that was the problem, right at the elbow once the pipe goes into the floor. Dishwasher hadn’t been ran yet, just plugged so it didn’t back up into the cabinet, will be adding a high loop. Also, currently adding an...
  2. Zac_sta

    New Kitchen plumbing help

    I should’ve mentioned that this is a vertical 2 inch stack going straight up through the roof. That’s why I suspect a clog, didn’t change anything with the stack. I’m still debating about putting an AAV under the sink
  3. Zac_sta

    New Kitchen plumbing help

    Wrapping up a recent kitchen remodel. Ran new plumbing nearly identical to the old setup (old sink was double bowl with separate waste lines feeding into one 2 inch horizontal) I turned the water on a few days ago and the sink was draining very slowly. I suspected a clog after not using it for...
  4. Zac_sta

    2” inch vent pipe through top plate?

    Doing a kitchen remodel, removed the soffits to reveal they originally ran the vent stack through them to the roof. 2” copper to 3” cast iron. Exterior load bearing wall. Can I replace with 2” PVC and drill through the top plate? Expanding back to 3” before going through the roof. Not going...
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