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  1. Dj2

    Rheem vs AO Smith water heater

    I've had good luck and bad luck with all three brands (and their sub-brands). Many times it's the water - something you can't control. In the final analysis, it's a coin flip, or the price. New water heaters are priced like Italian sports cars these days.
  2. Dj2

    Replace water heater early?

    Changing it now means you are changing it on your own terms, and not when it fails on you when you don't have the time to replace it, or worse...when you're out of town.
  3. Dj2

    Question about Pressure reducing valve

    A house has 1-1/4" main water line, from the street into the house, but no PRV. Asked me to install one, as his pressure is 110. Can I cut the main line just passed the main shut off, install a reducer from 1-1/4" to 1", then use 1" PRV, then install another reducer from 1" to 1-1/4" and connect...
  4. Dj2

    Pressure regulating valve

    I would give Wilkins a call, as this is not what you may expect from their PRVs.
  5. Dj2

    Replacing leaking shower supply pipe without opening wall

    From the pictures, I see that you have created a big mess. How are you going to finish the tile work?
  6. Dj2

    Apprehensive about replacing my basement's interior drain tile

    Only excavating the dirt around the basement exterior and waterproofing the walls will fix it. Trouble is: small leaks don't disappear, and become major leaks.
  7. Dj2

    Deposits on Top of Water Heater

    Yes, a leak can cause this. Look at the nipples first.
  8. Dj2

    What are these lines on the Brand New Hot Water Heater?

    If you bought and paid for a new water heater without dents and scratches, that's what you should get. Dented and scratched water heaters are sold for less.
  9. Dj2

    Kitchen Faucet?

    There are faucets out there for every budget. Go to a place where there are many faucets on display (like HD or Lowes) and compare. Delta or Moen are good choices.
  10. Dj2

    Sudden toilet drain clog. I'm hesitant to push it through.

    There is a trap inside the toilet, and it's not clogged. The clog is in the main sewer line. Should you be worried? - you bet, this is your house, isn't it? Get a drain plumber or rent a machine to free the clog. A drain specialist can even tell you what kind of clog you have. Some clogs caused...
  11. Dj2

    Gas Water Heater: Good News / Bad News

    Let me do the math: Your 10 year warranty expired 25 years ago, therefore your WH is 35 year old. Time for a new one. This time around don't expect it to last that long... Right now the supply of new WHs is pretty tight and prices are jumping all over the spectrum. What brand? - it's a gamble...
  12. Dj2

    Low Boy WH Install

    I'm with reach4 on this one. Maybe this was the best spot the plumber had for the water meter. There are more piped we can't see in this photo.
  13. Dj2

    Replacement Drain Basket for this part?

    Look at the diagram Terry posted. You need parts 5, 6 and 7 - from a kit. #5 is your flange - goes in from above the tub #6 is the gasket - goes under the tub #7 is the shoe - goes under the tub. How is your access under the tub?
  14. Dj2

    One or Multiple Water Meters?

    Having one meter for so many units, may save money on initial construction, but will create problems collecting the money to pay the water bill. Some unit owners are thrifty with their water use, others are wasteful, and you can see where the disputes are going to come from. The same applies to...
  15. Dj2

    Low Boy WH Install

    You say you have bids over $1500, but you don't say what they include. It's important you correct the deficiencies that exist in the current set up and hopefully, those bids cover them. If you sell the house, you will have too correct them, so why not do the corrections now? -- The cold water...
  16. Dj2

    A 12-story residential building in Surfside, Florida, partially collapsed

    There's a FL engineer, his name is Jeff Ostroff, who posts videos of what is known up to date, explaining and raising possible causes for what actually happened. A lot of what he says makes sense. Go to YouTube and search by his name.
  17. Dj2

    Water Heater Prices

    Inflation rate in May 2021 had the highest per month increase in the last 3 decades. However, new natural gas water heaters are up 10% or more in the last month, at least out here. Example: A new basic 40 gallon N/Gas ultra low NOX, with 6 yr warranty goes for around $650 +tx. What do you do...
  18. Dj2

    Replacing drain valve on Hot Water Tank

    The risk: It could crack on you when you apply more pressure or use a bigger wrench.
  19. Dj2

    Heater Behind Tub

    I think the same way, to move the heater and to add a piece of pipe.
  20. Dj2

    Shower drain pipe not plumb- is this a problem?

    First contact the builder, who may refer you to the plumber who installed this drain. We have homes on slabs, not basements. So we leave a 1 foot square hole in the slab, with the drain in it and we fit in the trap and riser later when we install the shower. If you don't get a positive response...
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