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  1. Justin Burgess

    Remove / Replace Fitting or Cap?

    I decided to just replace the fitting with a joint and new piece of pipe. You can see the joint in the pipe. It is the middle 2" line. I had another vent located there, but decided to abandon that plan. I was asking about leaving the fitting in place and capping it off or removing it. Back...
  2. Justin Burgess

    Remove / Replace Fitting or Cap?

    I have a Long-Radius Combination Tee-Wye Fitting in a 2" shower drain that is not longer needed. I was going to use it for a vertical vent, but decided to move the vertical vent closer to the shower trap. Would it create an issue to simply cap the fitting, or would it be better to splice a...
  3. Justin Burgess

    4" Clean Out Location Guidance / Preference

    Please provide guidance or preference on where to place a clean out. I interpret the code to need a 4" clean out for the 4" line and the toilet cannot be considered a clean out. I can either place the clean out at the number 1 spot by extending the 4" line (before the 2" transition) or place it...
  4. Justin Burgess

    Long sweep 90 vs. two 45

    Thank you both.
  5. Justin Burgess

    Long sweep 90 vs. two 45

    I would prefer to use a long sweep 90 for the transition from vertical to horizontal in our drain system. Example 1 - vertical sink drain transition to horizontal drain system. Example 2 - vertical 3" stack (for future use upstairs) transition to horizontal drain system. The long sweep 90...
  6. Justin Burgess

    Toilet Drain 4" Long Sweep 90?

    I would prefer to install a 4" line for our single toilet drain as I have extra 4" pipe to use. Is it acceptable to use a long sweep 90 for the vertical to horizontal connection? IPC code in SC. slab on grade, underground rough in.
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