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    Which water valve for replacement?

    Just from my experiences with CPVC you get to gee hawing around anywhere near it and it will split. Worse case scenario I've had is a lengthwise split that was not visible after cleaning the pipe and installing a new valve.
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    Kitchen Faucet Replacement

    Try twisting them first, the cone part must be wedged into the faucet.
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    Which water valve for replacement?

    Just my opinion and I'm not a plumber by trade but cutting CPVC pipe that has any age on it isn't fun. What valve you use will be the least of the job as you start to cut that pipe. In many cases if you try a PVC cutter it will shatter like glass, especially the hot water pipes.
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    Kitchen Faucet Replacement

    If you removed the nuts just pull them out, Looks like PVC supply lines.
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    Crimp Rings Bad Batch ?

    I just opened and used some of a new bag Sharkbite 3/4" copper rings and they were fine. My 1/2" bag is a little older and they're fine.
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    Sillcock connection question

    They soldered into the end which is how that is designed, either threaded fitting or soldered copper.
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    How to replace this SharkBite to FNPT adapter.

    I'm not a plumber. Not sure which valve you have leaking. That looks like 2 Sharkbite fittings on either end of that PEX pipe. I'd cut the pipe, remove the Sharkbites, replace whatever valve and then reassemble it all. I would use threaded fittings with the appropriate connection method either...
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    Electric descaler instead of softener??

    Anyone have any experience with an electric descaler? I've seen them advertised and didn't understand or see how they worked.
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    Toilet tank now 4" from wall!

    Measure from the wall to the flange bolt and see what you get. Then look at the paperwork for the toilet and see what it's measurement is.
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    Camper, replacing Qest with Pex
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    Toilet Water Hammer

    What can I say, it worked for me. When the toilet shut off it would trigger the hammer and I traced it back to the pipes to the water heater which would really get to vibrating. Turning up the pressure was a no cost easy enough to try thing so it's what I did and the hammer stopped. I was...
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    Toilet Water Hammer

    I should have been more clear. I had a PRV problem with pressure fluctuating. I replaced the PRV and after that I started having the water hammer with 1 toilet. I replaced the fill valve, which didn't fix the problem. I called the PRV company and they suggested raising the pressure a few pounds...
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    Toilet Water Hammer

    I had a similar problem with 1 toilet in the house. I raised the pressure on my PRV a few pounds and it quit. I'm on municipal water here. I also installed a Korky water valve in the toilet, it had a Fluidmaster FWIW.
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    BASIC Water Pressure Valve Q

    I'm not a plumber. When my PRV went bad it made noise and also the water pressure would fluctuate, you could tell when showering as it fluctuated. If you think the pressure is rising because of the water heater shut the water heater off and see what happens.
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    When is PVC cement bad

    FWIW I only buy the small cans since I hate PVC so I don't fool with it except for drains. Small can if it seems compromised I toss it and I'm not out much. I find that between jobs if I don't tighten the cap with pliers it goes bad quickly.
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    Anode rod replacement

    interesting subject. New AO Smith WH instructions say to pull it at 6 mos and inspect. I would use a cordless impact instead of trying to hold the heater and try and unscrew it with a breaker bar and socket.
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    Gap between shower metal frame and tiled wall

    I wouldn't bow the metal by tightening the screws. If anything, I would use shims like toilet shims behind the metal, so it is secure then figure out some trim to hide the sin.
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    If you were going to buy a new toilet which one?

    Yeah, but your house is too far away for me to use your bathroom.
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    Reposition Pex Pipe

    I can't see any "pushing them up" as a way to get any better. I can see how a couple of fittings and a crimp tool it could be made to look professional.
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    How should a crooked tub be reset?

    I'm not a plumber. I have set tubs and the level part of the tub is more for the surrounding walls and especially tile. The tub does have slope built in and you level the flange. Have they already tiled the walls around the tub? If so and they tear it out depending on what the put behind it...
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