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  1. NashvillePlumber

    When faucets are hard to find….

    Exactly! If all repair parts were as simple and I piece as Delta and Moen . Anyone have helpful tips on repair Kohler Single Handle Shower / cartridge replacement. #Aggravated!
  2. NashvillePlumber

    See you later, not goodbye!

    Wow , Love family I’m sorry for your loss . Thankyou for supporting Terry allowing him the time and grace which he used to pass on his knowledge . It was of grate value and I’m sure sacrifice . No one shares any substance these days and they all ask for something in return whether a click a bell...
  3. NashvillePlumber

    Unsuccessful at repairing Kohler Single Handle Shower Faucets !?

    On atleast 2 occasions I’ve failed to fix Kohler Single Handle Shower faucets . (304 valve) Today’s was circa 2013 and I had both parts - pressure balance & temp adjustment . I carefully pressed the 4 orings on each part . On both occasions the homeowners had attempted cartridge replacement...
  4. NashvillePlumber

    When faucets are hard to find….

    Hello all , my 2cent —- don’t widen your searches for off brand faucet parts or expect Plumber to have them. Do expect Plumber to push Replacement. Consider this ; big box and plumbing supply stores have very smart purchasing depts & know what parts sell well and which get returned. If they...
  5. NashvillePlumber

    My hot and cold water pipes appear to intersect at some point

    You didn’t mention why changing Htr but you check hot n cold issues while all lines and water htr connected . 1st Turn off supply to Htr go around each fixture make sure you have cold on right and nothing on left. If you just noticed something peculiar while changing water htr and all was well...
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