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  1. TonyaGilmore

    Rinnai I-series tankless combi intermittent E430

    Hello! Your Rinnai water heater appears to be having a problem. It's excellent that you have already conducted preliminary examinations and observations to compile data on the issue. One possibility could be a damaged pressure sensor or a cabling or connection issue between the controller and...
  2. TonyaGilmore

    Bathroom sink conversion, single or double?

    Definitely, I like the double sink.
  3. TonyaGilmore

    How to diagnose plugged vent stack? Slow toilet...

    Almost never is it the vent I would therefore be wary of a backup.
  4. TonyaGilmore

    Small hose in toilet tank - why?

    Its function is to restock the bowl following a flush.
  5. TonyaGilmore

    Best Rimless Flushing Technology

    Wow...That's great!!
  6. TonyaGilmore

    See you later, not goodbye!

    A great man is one who teaches others!!
  7. TonyaGilmore

    Terry Love- cancer update

    Gratitude for his fantastic, instructive, and instructional forum.
  8. TonyaGilmore

    New sink woe!

    You said that the drain opening on the particular sink you bought has an inadequate size. You have another sink with a smaller drain opening, so the water sits there. Since the pipes are the same, tap off the current sink and install a more significant drain to allow the water to drain. I...
  9. TonyaGilmore

    Terry Love- cancer update

    Terry and his family are in my thoughts and prayers. I want to thank him for creating this website, which has benefited both me and other people.
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