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  1. RealJeep

    Slow draining toilet, tried everything and still no luck...

    Is it possible to have a clogged vent pipe (Aka...Stink pipe) on the roof that would cause a toilet to drain slowly then make loud gurgling noises when it finally flushes down?
  2. RealJeep

    Pressure Tank Repair?

    I've ran a search but could not find the answer and Google is not much help either. Here's the question: I have an 80 gallon galvanized steel pressure tank for a well and it has sprung two tiny pin hole leaks in the side about half way up. So far I have not been able to find anything to...
  3. RealJeep

    Can I re-use them?

    I did it! Thanks for the advice and I reused every one of the old fittings that I needed. It was a pain unsoldering and cleaning them up because almost every fitting had to be scraped clean then wire brushed before a pipe could slide in but it was worth it. Copper has gotten so expensive...
  4. RealJeep

    Well water questions?

    Thanks Gary but I really don't have any idea how to flush the lines or flush chemicals through them. I guess I could "T" the line somewhere just after the pump and fill the line with bleach, then turn the pump back on and let it all run through the lines. As for the Nitrates...That's...
  5. RealJeep

    Failing leach field

    I just went through a similar situation last year. The cost floored me and I wondered "How hard can a septic be to work on?" It's nothing more than a big vault, a distribution box, some pipes and rocks and that's it. The first thing I had done was to have it pumped out, this is paramont...
  6. RealJeep

    Vent into chimney for Hot water heater

    Hi DrBob, I can't testify to a typical material used to sleeve the hole but my preference is stainless because of the chemicals in the concrete patch material tend to corrode galvanized over time. Patching the old hole and sealing the new pipe can be done with; Both...
  7. RealJeep

    Well water questions?

    I live in central Florida and have really good well water, as surprising as that sounds. Recently I cut the One Inch PVC pipe that leads from the well to the house and noticed that the inside of the pipe was black and covered in some unknown substance that felt a little slimey, kind of like...
  8. RealJeep

    Can I re-use them?

    Since they're almost all cleaned already I guess my times not worth mentioning. As far as scrap value, it'll cost me more to get there in gas than the scrap value. I guess it's all relative and I have plenty of time to spare. I'm just hoping the old solar panels are still functional and...
  9. RealJeep

    Can I re-use them?

    There are some that say never reuse a copper fitting but don't say why. Why couldn't someone reuse a copper fitting that has been cleaned, fluxed and soldered correctly? I took apart an old solar hot water system that generated a lot of pipe, tubing and fittings. I'd like to reuse most or all...
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