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  1. Lexd

    Help programming Fleck 5800 SXT

    Is there a big price difference between the two? I wonder if it was a mistake at their end or they were being dishonest… I’ll try to get it swapped. Regardless of the valve model, any advice on what kind of configuration would be appropriate for our use case? Thanks.
  2. Lexd

    Help programming Fleck 5800 SXT

    It is 10x54. It's wrapped up in something black so I can't see through it. You're absolutely right about the valve. I had ordered the 5800SXT but it seems they gave me the 5800LXT instead and I didn't notice the one letter difference. Is the LXT inferior to the SXT? If so I will ask for them to...
  3. Lexd

    Help programming Fleck 5800 SXT

    Hi everyone, We got a Fleck 5800 SXT 45,000-grain installed recently. Initially the installer mixed up the tank size (installed a 30,000-grain instead) and we just got the correct tank swapped. However, it looks like they didn't reprogram the controller for the larger tank size (the display...
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