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  1. ThomasT

    Fleck 5810 keeps draining water

    I recently replaced the piston valve of the controller. After that, I noticed that the water softener keeps slowly draining water. Is it normal? It keeps slowly dripping through the drain line even when it is put in bypass. I don't remember the softer acted like this before. The flow indicator...
  2. ThomasT

    Fleck 5810 valve assembly

    Thanks. I tried again today and was able to lock the plate into the right position. It's kind of tricky to me. Since the water softener has been idling for a few months, is it normal to see yellowish water coming out of the water?
  3. ThomasT

    Fleck 5810 valve assembly

    I wonder how exactly should the power head retaining plate be locked into the right position. As shown in the 2nd image with two arrows, should the bottom of the retaining plate covers the top ring pointed by the bottom-up arrow? Or, the placement in the image is fine?! One thing I noticed is...
  4. ThomasT

    Fleck controller keeps running

    It looks like I can't get any piston part nor knowing when it will be available. Starting to suspect the quality of the fleck part? It turns bad in slightly over 2 years?! Any suggest if I still can't get a part? Replacing a control head? Still fleck is recommended?!
  5. ThomasT

    Fleck controller keeps running

    I guess I found the issue. The piston is broken and stuck in the cage. The piston should be replaced; however, how can I pull out the half of the piston inside the cage?
  6. ThomasT

    Fleck controller keeps running

    With the inspection, rebuild kid, resin, and labor, I have a feeling that it would cost at least 1/3 the cost of the softener. :-( However, it's just installed for no more than 3 years. How can I check the software version of the circuit board?
  7. ThomasT

    Fleck controller keeps running

    Update. I can manually advance through a regeneration cycle. However, some step like RR and BF seem not working. In RR, the water is barely moved, not flushing through the drain line. In BF, it's not filling. When the valve is at service position, it keeps generating a flushing sound.
  8. ThomasT

    Fleck controller keeps running

    I have had the fleck 5810 sxt based water softener for about 2.5 years. Recently, we start to experience low water pressure once a while. It can be fixed by bypassing the water softener and back. However, the water softener keeps running while regenerating. When I noticed that, I see the display...
  9. ThomasT

    Water softener option in SF bay area

    We have relatively hard water 17GPG from city ground water. A local Kinetico dealer gives us quote about $5,000 for the 4040 system without installation, and the installation by the dealer is necessary and the charge is about $600. That's really expensive. We recently remodeled our house and our...
  10. ThomasT

    Where to buy Fleck 5810?

    I am interested, too. In NorCal.
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