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  1. Darryl Vleeming

    Bryant Evolution furnace fan running randomly

    Hi All, I have a Bryant evolution system, and I've been noticing that the fan furnace fan occasionally runs even though there's no call to cool. In other words, the fan runs even though the AC unit is not running and the thermostat is not initiating a call to cool. The fan setting is set to...
  2. Darryl Vleeming

    Bryant Evolution AC not responding to thermostat controls

    FYI the issue ended up being the AC capacitor.
  3. Darryl Vleeming

    Bryant Evolution AC not responding to thermostat controls

    Hi All, I have bit a weird problem with my Bryant Evolution AC unit. At a very high level it is not responding correctly based on the thermostat. Here is specifically what is happening and what I have tried. - Yesterday with the thermostat in cool mode, and the cooling temperature set below...
  4. Darryl Vleeming

    Hague Watermax 60 bypass valve drain problem

    Hi, I have a Hague Watermax 60 (model 61aaa-bwo) and I know how a problem. What is happening is that water is constantly running out of the drain connection where there's no water actually running in the house, not being regenerated, etc. What also then happens is that the water is not being...
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