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  1. arkanos

    Moving basement bathroom rough-in; cast iron under slab

    I'm planning to finish our basement which includes installing a 3/4 bath. The existing rough-in is terribly placed and basically unusable for anything other than a 1/2 bath, and it would require walling in one of the 2 basement windows. There is an sewage ejector sump that is original to the...
  2. arkanos

    Vent downstream of toilet and shower

    I drew an illustration just to make sure I understand you correctly. Is this what you are recommending? I finally managed to look up the state code (Kentucky) and I interpret my plan as allowable, however I should probably use a 3" pipe to the shower trap. So, if this is a common vent...
  3. arkanos

    Vent downstream of toilet and shower

    I'm moving a toilet in a bathroom remodel and, from a labor and time perspective, this would be the ideal plumbing layout for the shower and toilet but I want to make sure this is an acceptable practice. I'm not opposed to putting in more time and labor if it's not an acceptable way of doing it...
  4. arkanos

    Can I tape a backerboard joint while tiling it, and is there any reason that a glass shower pane ca

    The tile is only extending 2" past the glass pane, and I'm trying to keep the joint under the tile to avoid having to mud and finish the goboard/drywall joint for painting. That leaves a hair of wiggle room- I can extend the goboard up 1" beyond the pane before it starts turning into a pain...
  5. arkanos

    Can I tape a backerboard joint while tiling it, and is there any reason that a glass shower pane ca

    I'm installing GoBoard for a shower which uses a liquid adhesive as the joint compound (instead of thinset and tape). However, for the drywall transition, the manufacturer recommends the cement board joint method- alkali resistant tape and thinset. I'm going to be tiling over the...
  6. arkanos

    Are AAVs legal in Kentucky?

    I finally got ahold of the state codes department who indicated they are not allowed.
  7. arkanos

    Floating luxury vinyl plank- toilet and vanities

    We are installing luxury vinyl plank in our bathroom, which is a floating floor. This is a new style of flooring to me- effectively, it is not attached to the underlayment or subfloor in any way. It just sits there. It will be over a plywood underlayment (which is over a plank subfloor)...
  8. arkanos

    Rough-in basement P trap is full of gravel

    My basement (concrete slab) has a bathroom rough in that we are looking to use. It Is below the sewer line and uses an ejector pit to send waste up to drain level (we will get someone out to inspect and/or replaced this since it hasn't been used since the house was built 45 years ago). One of...
  9. arkanos

    Back of shower niche is drywall- what's the best way to proceed?

    I'm going to be building shower niche in an upcoming remodel and, when everything is stripped down, drywall will be on the other side of the studs. What's the best practice for constructing a niche in this situation? I imagine that waterproofing and tiling directly on the back of the drywall is...
  10. arkanos

    Are AAVs legal in Kentucky?

    I'm remodeling a bathroom and am having trouble determining if air admittance valves are legal in Kentucky. If so, it would save me a ton of work running the sink vent (I'm moving the sink). The only thing I can find are some very dated articles/forum posts indicating they aren't legal and some...
  11. arkanos

    Leveling an entire bathroom floor vs only leveling the floor under the shower base

    Wayne- thanks for the response. Based on the flatness of the other planks in the house, I think the 1/2" T&G plywood I will be overlaying on the planks should ensure adequate flatness. There are other tiled areas that have employed this method and it's worked. If it's flat I don't really care...
  12. arkanos

    Leveling an entire bathroom floor vs only leveling the floor under the shower base

    I'm remodeling a bathroom and the floor is sloped- but flat- downward in the direction from the external wall. It's approximately an inch drop over 7 feet. This direction is perpendicular to the joists. I will be installing a KBRS Tile Basin so I need to begin with a flat surface. ~1/2" drop...
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