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    Gas boiler pilot light

    replace the copper wire next to the pilot it's called a thermocouple you can buy one at the big box stores
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    Tub Surround vs. Tile

    i have the sterling tub no surround, the tub is made of a good material and the tub has a lot of room, i used 10x13 tiles for the wall and added a towel bar and soap holder works great i also added kohler shower doors! good luck and i would tile instead of surround, use cement board not...
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    TACO 007 circulating pumps propeller/shaft separation?

    there is a posibility that the pump is no good, you might be heating by gravity. do you have power to the pump? if you have isolating valves shut them off remove the pump impeller by removing the 4 screws on the housing and remove it, turn on the power and see if the impeller is turning..if...
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    Drilless Tub Doors?

    go to they have what you are looking for.
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    No Circulation

    You may have a bad cartridge in the circulator, if it is hot to the touch replace the cartridge but check to see if you have 120 volts first. If you have air in the lines bleed them on the return side. It all depend on your system and how to remedy the problem. if you have bleeders on each...
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    remodel bathroom

    I am remodeling a bathroom which is a 5x8 space and I am going to be installing a marble floor, I have a existing floor which is 3/4 " plywood over the studs which are 2x6 24" on center. I thought I would put 1/4" cement board over the existing floor is that ok, or should it be 1/2 " cement...
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