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  1. RJick

    Replacing the washers in brass internals was easy but ...

    I take care of the maintenance of a small mobile home park. Some of the mobile homes have bath/shower plumbing completely made out of brass. Replacing the washers are easy. Other mobile homes have the brass manifold but the guts are made out of plastic. They have leaked almost from the start...
  2. RJick

    Can I use a sanitary tee in these locations?

    Do I need a wye with a 45 or can I use a sanitary tee. I am trying to insert a pdf but don't know if it is going through. Thanks
  3. RJick

    New Construction, 3/4" PEX, How big holes thru the joists?

    I have already bought the pex but I have not got the crimps or tool yet. A friend will let me borrow his crimper but I don't mind buying one if it will improve connections. I have done a lot with PVC and copper and even pex but when I used the pex I used the Sharkbite connections. I got the...
  4. RJick

    New Construction, 3/4" PEX, How big holes thru the joists?

    I am building a one story house in Oregon. The floor joists are 2x8's and are spaced 16" OC and there is a kitchen and only one bath. I drilled one and a quarter inch holes in the center of the joists where the 3/4" PEX needs to go but I don't know if the holes are so big the pipe will flop...
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