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  1. cssolar

    Solar water heaters spain

    Now dealing with Enera units Full range available , non pressure , pre heat , heatpipe and split systems in the Alicante area of Spain
  2. cssolar

    Those were the days, my friend, we thought they'd never end!

    Good idea other wise you could end up with a solar heated brain !
  3. cssolar

    Solar water heaters spain

    Audary New Energy Spain I am now pleased to be in cooperation with enera These type of solar water heaters are and have been very popular in China for many years, covering roof tops and are a common sight. At last solar water heating is more affordable due to Chinas 4000+ manufactures, As...
  4. cssolar

    Solar water heaters spain

    good uses for solar heated water Hi , A good use for solar heated water is to use it to feed your dish washer. Most dish washers here in Spain are cold feed only, but most can accept pre heated water up to 60 degrees C ( check your hand book ) The use of pre heated water will reduce electric...
  5. cssolar

    Interested in solar water heating system for my midwest home

    vacuum tube swh Hi Not all vacuum tube solar water heaters use heat pipes, The units I use have water in the tubes, anti freeze can be added as the unit is indirect. I prefer the water in tube type because it increases the hot water storage capacity also as heat is drawn from the unit...
  6. cssolar

    Solar water heaters spain

    Hi España xx1 Glad to hear you are selling a similar type solar water heater to me, I think they will become popular in Spain Good Luck with your sales Best Regards Tony cssolar
  7. cssolar

    Termosyphon system and closed loop copper heat exchanger "dillema"!

    Hi, maybe you could use a small pv powered pump to circulate the water through the copper coil heat exchanger. I deal in solar water heaters which have copper coils heat exchangers, I think 10 meters will be a bit short, also it will be important to insulate the storage tank. Good luck...
  8. cssolar

    Jet Pump For Non-Pressurized Solar System?

    Hi I have a non pressure system and use a small wilo auto boost pump which fires up when a tap is opened, the water is used directly ( no extra storage tank ) I do have a gas bolier for back up, with valves to change over manualy TONY cssolar
  9. cssolar

    Thermosiphon System Design

    non pressure swh Hi I have a non pressure vac tube swh on my house, I use the hot water direct, I have an auto boost pump to give pressure when I open a tap. If you want mains pressure I recomend a pre heat type swh, the water in the tank and tubes is non pressure but there is a copper coil...
  10. cssolar

    Leak in solar panel

    water leak If the system is indirect, maybe you could add some car rad weld into ( the non used water part of the system ) Regards Tony cssolar
  11. cssolar

    Interested in solar water heating system for my midwest home

    vacuum tube solar water heaters Hi I deal in vacuum tube solar water heaters in Spain, A good way of installing a solar water heater and using your existing electrical cylinder is to pre heat. that means send the cold water line to the solar water heater and then bring the hot return back...
  12. cssolar

    Best Solar Hot Water System Guides -With Step-by-Step Instructions

    Deno solar equipment Hi I would like to recomend Deno Solar Equipment, they are a large international company that has been producing quality solar water heaters for over 10 years. They make a full range of solar water heaters including vacuum tube units which work well in the winter months...
  13. cssolar

    Solar water heaters spain

    Hi Ellis , yes I have seen quite a lot of high pressure units with problems, so like you I sell pre heat type units so there is no possibility of over pressurizing the tank as it is vented, In saying that if the relife valve is well maintained a high pressure system should work well, A common...
  14. cssolar

    Solar water heaters spain

    Hi every body I am new to the forum, I live in Alicante Spain I import and sell solar water heaters, I just wonderd what type of swh is most popular in the USA , Here we have a very sunny climate with about 300 days or more of good sunshine a year, flat plate compact units are the most...
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