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  1. Salesdog

    Weird request from engineer. opinions?

    Its a passive house, it has 2' of insulation and is built of solid wood 12" thick. It loses less then 3 degrees overnight with the power turned off atm.
  2. Salesdog

    Weird request from engineer. opinions?

    The house is built, Solar is ready to go online. Equipment is onsite and starting install in the mechanical room. My question is more in regards to combining a geo preheat on an erv with a Geo loop designed for GSHP. I have never seen it. I have seen a seperate horizontal Geo field for the ERV...
  3. Salesdog

    Weird request from engineer. opinions?

    I'm working on a passive house and the engineers are over complicating things as usual. However one item is bothering me and I cant seem to get through to them. Can anyone let me know their reasoning behind their design plans. We have a offgrid house with a Geo loop and heat pump serving a...
  4. Salesdog

    Insulating (around) plumbing in cantilever & garage - in Alaska!

    You seem to have the right ideas, if you are this concerned about it, why dont you also add some heat trace to the pipes. You can get the self regulating heat trace at most electrical suppliers.
  5. Salesdog

    ABS sunlight exposure

    Never heard of that before, The inspectors here insist on solid abs due to the UV and I have seen completely deteriorated cellular abs. Makes me curious if it is due to heat alone, do you have any links to where I can read about the carbon black additive? And more interestingly, about UV not...
  6. Salesdog

    Noise coming from meter/PRV area

    I am also from BC, and in most municipalities that I have worked in, we are required to put a dual check valve on the water entry which moots the whole point of water expansion back into the city. it actually was required to protect the city water supply in the case of legionella flowing back...
  7. Salesdog

    ABS sunlight exposure

    Cellular core abs deteriorates due to uv exposure, the foam deteriorates, however abs wont, use the solid abs for roof vent penetrations... Edit: for clarity, there are two types of abs pipe you can buy, the cellular core, which has the foam inside two layers of real abs, and the real solid...
  8. Salesdog

    Most popular boiler brands?

    I chose the prestige from the list, I have installed a few of them, they were very easy to install, worked flawlessly with a snow melt system, indirect hot water, and infloor radiant heating system. As fas as waranty it has a 10 year limited waranty, I would be skeptical that the 5 year isnt...
  9. Salesdog

    Replacing Cast Iron Waste in Kitchen Wall

    Put a riser clamp around the pipe and use backing to support the clamp. I found a picture of what im suggesting, i would put in better backing then that though, it looks pretty flimsy...
  10. Salesdog

    Buying Uponor ProPEX tool for DIY'er

    Here the only reason to use the brass fittings is for fire rating, the plastic ones have no fire rating, the pipe itself has its fire rating, so without the fire rating fittings you cannot use it in commercial applications. Might be different in other locations. Save yourself a buck and use...
  11. Salesdog

    Buying Uponor ProPEX tool for DIY'er

    Both tools will work fine, I still use my green tool, and used it just last week. As for coming out of the wall, they make two "nice" options for this, they work similar to what davesnothome suggested except one, you snap the pex into the bend, and slide it through a flange, the flange gets...
  12. Salesdog


    Generally in plumbing brazing isnt very common, but I do it quite often. I often braze large copper waterlines in residential towers. I use a cutting torch with a special tip, special care must be taken to adjust your tip and when heating your pipe, it takes alot of practice to be good at it, I...
  13. Salesdog

    Copper or PEX

    5'/second (3.6GPM) any more then that and its too much wear on the copper pipe, the pex pipe can handle higher rates, up to 8'/second which is what the pex table is based on, thanks for pointing that out as it was missleading and that was not my intention :) I changed the table above so it does...
  14. Salesdog

    Copper or PEX

    I disagree with alot of what has been said here. I looked at my pipe flow tables developed from the university down the road from me. Coldwater flowtable. Copper should only be at 5'/second max. at 1/2 Copper has 3.64 GPM at 3/4 copper has 7.54 GPM Pex-al-pex can be used at...
  15. Salesdog

    Basement plumbing layout

    I agree completely with this, except i would wet vent both the toilet and tub through the lav by using a 3x2 double y, you can bush down the tub side and run 1 1/2 inch pipe. that works fine but, now your toilet is not vented properly. connect the lav/tub line to the toilet arm and you got...
  16. Salesdog

    1st floor plumb layout

    Where I live that would not pass code, this is how we would do it here. I apologize in advance for my crude drawing :)
  17. Salesdog

    More Pressure please

    I just solved a problem simular to what you are describing, The cause was a tree that grew too large near where the water line ran from the city shut off to the home. The roots squeezed the line and caused poor flow. While there was no leak or loss in water pressure there was a substantial loss...
  18. Salesdog

    Water heater dip tube length?

    How are you certain the elements are still good? Did you test for an amperage reading? To test the elements you need to test for amps, an ohm reading is not accurate since you can still recieve an ohm reading from a dead element. However if you call for heat and you register an amp reading you...
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