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  1. Mattbee24

    Deck Light

    Thanks Jim, I understand what you are saying. That would kind of work like the old hot 3-ways. I guess I just don't see a scenario where a tripped gfi could make a neutral path. I suppose it could be a faulty gfi, but then how is it working normally?
  2. Mattbee24

    Deck Light

    I understand that I will have to take it apart to see how it is wired. I was just trying to imagine a scenario that would make it work like this. And yes, I'm sure the GFI is Tripped when the light works. I even plugged something into the GFI to make sure. When there is power to the receptacle...
  3. Mattbee24

    Deck Light

    Ok....this is weird. I was on the deck at a friends house. There are 2 gfi's and a switch running to a light. They are all connected with pvc conduit. When the center gfi is on, the light won't turn on. But if you trip the gfi, the light will work. I didn't take anything apart to see how it is...
  4. Mattbee24

    Adding service extension before pressure tank...

    Really, it's not a good idea to have a filter before the pressure tank. If the filter gets plugged up, you could have a situation where your pump will never shut off.
  5. Mattbee24

    Connecting a portable generator to home main panel

    What I like to do for little portable generators is this: Get a little 8 space sub panel and mount it right beside your main panel. Put in (2) double pole 30a (or whatever size breaker you need for the generator) breakers in the sub panel side by side. Use a mechanical interlock for the 2...
  6. Mattbee24

    1-1/4" PEX, is a DIY install possible?

    Are you sure what you have is 1-1/4" pex? That's kind of an odd thing to run in a residential setting.
  7. Mattbee24

    Installation of softener with well

    The softener goes after the pressure tank.
  8. Mattbee24

    What is this plumbing part?

    That is a pressure reducing valve. It looks like it is leaking through the union, which means it is just a bad gasket. You should be able to un-screw that union and take the gasket out and replace it with a new one.
  9. Mattbee24

    New plumbing job look ok?

    just for my own info....would it be okay if he got rid of the combo at the toilet and put a 90 in there with a sanitary tee just above the 90? If I understand it right, the vent would still be horizontal, but it would be ok because it is above the drain line. All these stupid code changes are...
  10. Mattbee24

    Trouble with Nipples

    Any of the Plumbing shops in town should have a 3-1/2" brass or galvanized nipple. You might want to figure a little less than 1/2" going into the threads. You don't want to over-tighten that brass fitting in the wall. Usually around 3/8" is good with brass.
  11. Mattbee24

    Service entrance cable size & voltage drop

    From your description, it sounds like you are going to run from your main 200a panel to a 100a sub panel. If that is the case, and I am assuming you will be running this underground and in conduit, you will need 2/0 aluminum 4-wire URD.
  12. Mattbee24

    Does this seem high? Can I do this by myself?

    If I am reading that right, you used to be able to use a ground rod but now you have to run the ground from the panel? Unless it is an existing structure, then you can use a ground rod? Why was one way safe in 2005, but not in 2008? I guess that's why you guys take all those damn classes...
  13. Mattbee24

    Does this seem high? Can I do this by myself?

    Not trying to argue here jadnashua, you probably are more familiar with this than I am. But isn't it only required to run 4 wire from the main panel to the sub when the sub is within the same building?
  14. Mattbee24

    Does this seem high? Can I do this by myself?

    Maybe I'm missing something here, but since it is an un-attached building couldn't he just put in a ground rod at the barn and run a ground wire from the rod to the panel? Of course, he would still have to make sure the grounds and neutrals are separated in the box. I always thought that is...
  15. Mattbee24

    Where to buy a Dip Tube?

    Honestly, all of those places should have had the dip tube. Really any plumbing shop carrying water heaters should have them. They are pretty universal, so brand really doesn't matter.
  16. Mattbee24

    electric outlet

    I think these are what you are looking for. They work pretty slick.
  17. Mattbee24

    manabloc woes

    Yes, that will work. The pipe you have there is old poly tubing that isn't made anymore. That fitting you showed in the picture will work on that tubing. That I believe is the ONLY style fitting made anymore for that particular style of pipe. The big box stores usually have those fittings. If...
  18. Mattbee24

    3 Weil Mclain boiler sections rotted?

    Well, there is usually something on the boiler to regulate the feed water. BUT, if you happen to get a leak somewhere in the system, that will just keep feeding COLD water into the system. And that's where the problem is. Without seeing exactly what you have going on, it's hard to tell...
  19. Mattbee24

    220v/50amp to Shop

    Well, there are a few things you could do. But first, we need to know a few things. First, did you run conduit from your panel in the house to the panel in the shop? If so, What size is it? Second, What amperage panel is in the shop, and how many spaces does it have? Third, What brand...
  20. Mattbee24


    If it is rated at 7 kw, it is just over 29 amps at 240v. If it were me, I would run 8/3 with ground romex and put it on a 40a breaker.
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