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  1. Maximus_Slime

    Water backed up in storm drain

    Shop vac it out, and see what happens.
  2. Maximus_Slime

    Conflicting advice about insulation for walkout basement

    There is a cementitious product called Xypex that is brushed on as a slurry that supposedly can waterproof concrete from the inside, but ideally is applied on the outside. I have some, but haven't tried it out yet. And I'm not sure if blocks only liquid moisture or...
  3. Maximus_Slime

    Bought a mansion - having issues with water flow

    Cool!! 13K labor seems like a reasonable price for a copper repipe on house that large, assuming it's quality work. I echo other's comments on the fire hazard with soldering. But a spray bottle to dampen everything and proper shielding should be able to mitigate that. And would you really want...
  4. Maximus_Slime

    U by Moen(?)

    And here I thought only water heaters, fridges and other appliances with wifi were solutions in search of a problem. Now the shower no longer has to feel left out and can join in on the fun. Simply being able to turn a shower valve, and have hot water come out reliably with out any gimmicks...
  5. Maximus_Slime

    Nipple Length

    Thanks. That means I'll need a 7 1/4" nipple. Short of having something custom fabricated I'll most likely convert this to a slip on application. I found a kohler slip on in my box of plumbing parts I'll probably use.
  6. Maximus_Slime

    Nipple Length

    I am sure this question has been asked multiple times but I cannot figure out the right words to internet query what I'm looking for. If someone had a 1/2" brass nipple going into a brass drop elbow for the tub spout, what's the measurement added to the pipe length to account for the take up...
  7. Maximus_Slime

    Recrimping PEX

    That's what I thought. Thanks.
  8. Maximus_Slime

    Recrimping PEX

    I have a brass fitting with a pinhole leak. When I remove the fitting, can I slide the existing piece of PEX back onto it and crimp? Or do I need to cut it back so there's a fresh piece of pipe? It's a short piece without any extra, so I'd have to go back further and redo more work.
  9. Maximus_Slime

    Handyman left me hangin

    Is he a plumber or a handyman? Being in Idaho, I hope this guy's name isn't Josh.
  10. Maximus_Slime

    Whole House Water Filter + Pirate Plumbing...

    I'm not sure running two of these filters inline will be of any benefit.
  11. Maximus_Slime

    Vanity drain

    The stud would have to be notched roughly an inch for 45s to work. And the resulting vibration would potentially (most likely) trash the plaster keys. Vent will be reconnected. Vent height has been like that since at least the 1960s when the bathroom was added. Looks about 29" high. The...
  12. Maximus_Slime

    Vanity drain

    Is this proposed drain setup for the vanity legit? Need to relocate drain pipe inlet approx. 4.75". Black vertical line on wall is proposed center line of new wall mounted vanity. Black bracket to the right is the extents of the width of access opening on back of vanity. Thanks.
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