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  1. Master Plumber Mark

    Wall hung toilet carrier on exterior wall

    No, we have done this before.... and a combination of both the rubber gasket and the wax rings have worked too...
  2. Master Plumber Mark

    AIO system causing hard water

    Our town has 20 parts hard water so your water is pretty good
  3. Master Plumber Mark

    3 SuperStor Tanks Failed in five years. Can’t get an understanding of what is happening

    you probably have a grounding issue inside your home to eat up 3 water heaters so quickly... 1. check your ground for your breaker box to see if it is still got good contact... 2 just install a new ground somewhere near the heater --if you are in the basement just drill a hole into the...
  4. Master Plumber Mark

    AO Smith, Reem or Stiebel Eltron/Which hybrid water heater brand is most reliable.

    You will never break even on the investment.... the heater will leak before you do recoup the money in 30 years,...
  5. Master Plumber Mark

    Wall hung toilet carrier on exterior wall

    you should try building up a couple of wax rings and see if this works... we have done that before also that is some really old copper I see on that back wall which scares me
  6. Master Plumber Mark

    Anode rod replacement

    Well did you win the battle or did you get yourself in trouble??
  7. Master Plumber Mark

    Anode rod replacement

    go ahead and attempt to change one... its not very easy to do... once in a while they will comeout easy but most times you need two people to do the job one guy has to hold the heater to keep it from turning, spinning on you and the other guy needs a HUGE socket and pry bar to get the rod to...
  8. Master Plumber Mark

    How to remove stuck plastic cap over anode rod GE water heater

    We have run into this many times... I have had to melt the plastic sleeve that goes down the hole to the anode rod with a red hot screwdriver and then pry the whole piece out with needle nosed pliers.... THEN and only THEN you can get the socket down into the hole and it will fit onto the...
  9. Master Plumber Mark

    New electric heater - Dirty from start and won't flush clean

    if you got it from Lowes, they are sub-standard compaired to the units sold at the supply houses... I suggest you just claim it is leaking and have it replaced under warranty if you think something is fishey with the steel in that water heater,,,, they wont fight you much over this...
  10. Master Plumber Mark

    Recirculation system, worth it??

    It will wear out the water heater faster.... it will thin down the copper pipes and eventually you will get pin holes in the copper it cost more energy to constantly heat the water Also, it will spoil your wife and kids and they will come to expect it.... The next thing you know they will...
  11. Master Plumber Mark

    Can you run propane through a natural gas valve?

    That is a lot of trouble you are going through just to sell a used water heater
  12. Master Plumber Mark

    Replacing an old gas pipe

    you would be wise to change out the whole line because the last guy must have used something not legal for gas installs...
  13. Master Plumber Mark

    Electric water heater in kitchen cabinet

    Yes its fun.. I have had to take a sawzall and cut out the whole kitchen cabinet before just to get the 40 gallon electric heater out of the space... of course it had been leaking into the crawl space for years and was sunk a few inches into the floor We put down some new plywood over the...
  14. Master Plumber Mark

    Electric water heater in kitchen cabinet

    you are taking all the fun out of installing a water heater buried under a sink...
  15. Master Plumber Mark

    Electric water heater in kitchen cabinet

    Now, now, lets all play nice and all try to get along....
  16. Master Plumber Mark

    Flooding into garage and basement

    it would be helpful if you posted a video or pretty pictures please
  17. Master Plumber Mark

    Flooding into garage and basement

    send a video...... I am not going to speculate and figure this out without seeing it
  18. Master Plumber Mark

    Zinc plated hangers for cast iron pipe

    Now, I could be wrong about this and they might only last about 95 years... I dont want you getting mad and coming after me in the next life....
  19. Master Plumber Mark

    Zinc plated hangers for cast iron pipe

    you are good for about 200 years.... I would not worry about it..... if you need to do something to ease your mind, just take some tar pitch and heat it up to a liquid and then paint the hangers and pipe with a brush....
  20. Master Plumber Mark

    TCMT tankless ignition problem

    smack it with a hammer
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