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  1. Zl700


    Yes in most cases. It will search out closest and one with less piping resistance, and once satisfied and closed, will circulate to the other. You may have to increase frequency of circulation sampling as well as the timed operation in the advanced installer parameter options.
  2. Zl700

    Navien NPE-240A2 external recirculation not working

    In the picture it’s installed incorrectly and settings are wrong No external piping on recirc required as in picture Really should follow installation manual to expect it to work
  3. Zl700

    Navien NPE 240A Parameter list.

    Here it is (P12-P15)
  4. Zl700

    1 Year old house Navien Ncb 210e boiler issue

    Perhaps you don’t understand radiant floors. We don’t even know the surface type but exceeding 85 degree floor temps can damage hardwoods. Besides being uncomfortable. A heat loss is required along with radiant design and knowledge first. He mentioned cathedral ceilings. Perhaps tube size, flow...
  5. Zl700

    1 Year old house Navien Ncb 210e boiler issue

    Seriously? Your telling him to turn it up to 180 degrees with in-floor radiant heat? How about asking about tube size, spacing, flow rate, floor type and surface temps?
  6. Zl700

    Lowe's is now selling A.O. Smith water heaters, Rebranded Whirlpool

    I've watched the Rinnai display and inventory shrink at Lowes also (failed experiment). I wouldn't be surprised if the AO Smith Tankless (Takagi) takes over along side their tanks.
  7. Zl700

    Hot Water Backfeeding - Issue with Recirculating Pump and Mixing Valve

    A few errors in the install prior to you moving in- The pump is a cast iron unit, should not be used in a domestic hot water application. The pump is mounted incorrectly, never motor up. These issues don't cause your issue but will become another soon. Your circulator installed is too robust...
  8. Zl700

    Is it efficient to have combi boiler supplying hot water only during warmer months?

    A lot of reading: Part C is the draws-Low, medium and high
  9. Zl700

    Is it efficient to have combi boiler supplying hot water only during warmer months?

    "The high EF test numbers of a condensing tankless are overstated due to the differences between how the test is run vs. how people actually use hot water. Yes, short draws are EXACTLY the same as short-cycling, and the nameplate EF 0.98 of a condensing tankless is really going to deliver...
  10. Zl700

    Combi Boiler: Dunkirk vs Navien

    Kiturami besides boilers and combis also makes a tankless water heater that many our labeling and adding to their lineups
  11. Zl700

    Combi Boiler: Dunkirk vs Navien

    HTP UFT US Made? Correction it's a Kiturami Korean manunafactured boiler and finished in the US. Look at the exact cabinet and component characteristics of products offered by Laars, HTP, Triangle Tube, Noritz, Westinghouse (an HTP label) and some others. All Korean made products made by...
  12. Zl700

    Navien NCB-240 & common wire

    Thanks Jim, you really cant stop can you? Back the original request, The OP already has it wired right and just needs a C to keep it from dropping out when its in idle mode. My Navien manufacturer given advice about determining which T on the NCB is R on the stat and grabbing a location for a...
  13. Zl700

    Navien NCB-240 & common wire

    I think your confusing constant power terminals with the thermostat connection terminals that would have a floating power. Your thinking there's a separate power connection which there is not on stats. As I stated, the hot side of T & T connection is the R and it closes across to W for heat...
  14. Zl700

    Navien NCB-240 & common wire

    With a volt meter determine which T of "TT" to ground is 24 VAC on CN10, that will be your "R". That makes the other one "W" The best place to secure a "C" is the ground screw terminal at the rear of the cabinet or the frame of the circuit board. Look for a green wire and attach your thermostat...
  15. Zl700

    PEX in an attic with a skylight

    Cover the PEX Quality 6' closed cell foam insulation for 3/4" pipe is about $7 each at Home Depot
  16. Zl700

    Why do I have 3 supply lines

    If the cold is the one on the right, it probably goes to a ice maker connection, or possibly an outside hydrant or garage? . Guessing here as piping and electrical are usually to the rear of a cabinet making me think hot is on the left. Do yourself a favor and add valves on all if none, cant see...
  17. Zl700

    Navien 240 - house temp

    But unlike the earlier version CH series combi, the NCB has a custom curve selection, then all four points are completely adjustable to have as flat or as steep of an outdoor curve you want. Adjustible on the NCB are: 1. Starting water temp 2. Maximum water temp 3. Starting outdoor temp (warm...
  18. Zl700

    Navien NCB240 set up with Taco Viridian pump

    "BTW. Initially I had oil furnace that ran the water at 180 degrees" The answer is right there- It took 180 degree water to heat your house with the old boiler, why do you think 140 degrees will do it now? I don't know which CI BB you have but in round figures the baseboard has different heat...
  19. Zl700

    Eternal Gas Tankless Water Heater Noise!?

    A 100 gallon tank is not large enough for a 200,000 BTU appliance. (I'm guessing you have that tank size, as 80% is max fill). These tanks are used for clothes dryers and cooking. The evaporative capabilities and the small regulators they put on these tanks can't supply the volume of LP gas...
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