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  1. Nestork

    Toilet bowl leaks to empty in 30 min, starting at normal level

    For the time it's gonna take, why not do the hose test, and if the water still disappears, then you know that suction isn't even a part of the problem. If the water still disappears with the hose in place, I'd take the toilet off, and set the bowl alone on a 5 gallon pail. Fill the bowl...
  2. Nestork

    Cost of replacing antifreeze in heating system?

    No, I understand that automotive antifreeze is gonna be different from antifreeze you use to winterize a cabin, and that's gonna be different than the antifreeze you might use in a heating system. But, I expect they're all gonna behave the same way when it comes to a mixture of the glycol and...
  3. Nestork

    Cost of replacing antifreeze in heating system?

    My jug of Prestone II says if your coolant is 50 percent antifreeze and 50 percent water, you're good to minus 34 degrees Farenheit. At 70% antifreeze and 30% water, you're good to minus 84 degrees Farenheit. Pure ethylene glycol freezes at about plus 10 degrees Farenheit, and that seemed...
  4. Nestork

    Toilet bowl leaks to empty in 30 min, starting at normal level

    Do you know if this toilet was added after the house was built? When was the last time you had the main drain line from your house cleared with a snake or jetter? If the answers to those questions are yes, and a very long time ago, then I'm thinking you need to have the main drain line...
  5. Nestork

    Cost of replacing antifreeze in heating system?

    Nbulko: If you're adding antifreeze to protect your heating system in case your boiler ever breaks down in winter, the better option would be to drain your heating system and refill it after the heating system is repaired. HJ is right in saying that antifreeze doesn't work as well as water...
  6. Nestork

    v/v seat removal when square hole eroded to round?

    The first place I'd try to get a replacement seat is Kissler. 1-800-KISSLER Kissler has a $250 minimum order, but their accounting department can tell you who they regularily ship to in your area, and you'd order it through them. On Kissler's web site you can...
  7. Nestork

    Installing new tub walls out of square

    How far out of square are they? If you're planning to tile those walls, then the walls can be out by quite a bit because the thickness of the tile backer board, thin set and tile is gonna add up to a full inch or so.
  8. Nestork

    toilet science

    Piezomot: You asked: Welcome to Toiletology 101: A toilet bowl works on exactly the same principle as a siphon hose. With a siphon hose, you suck on the end of the hose to fill it with liquid, and once filled, the liquid will keep flowing through that hose as long as the hose will...
  9. Nestork

    Will White PVC pipe crack if water freezes inside it?

    Yeah, as soon as I hit the "submit reply" button on that last post, it occured to me: Why not just cement a new valve in. That way it doesn't matter if we can't find the original shut off. I've never worked wth PVC tubing before. Is it like ABS where you have to apply the cement to both...
  10. Nestork

    Will White PVC pipe crack if water freezes inside it?

    OK, according to the long range weather forcast, it's not going to go below freezing at night for a week to 10 days yet, so we have some time. The ceiling is finished in his basement, and I'm concerned that valve has been drywalled over. I intend to cut through the ceiling under where the...
  11. Nestork

    Will White PVC pipe crack if water freezes inside it?

    My nephew just puchased a house that's about 9 years old. He has a metal water hydrant on the back of his house, but the handle to turn it on is at an angle to the exterior wall of the house, and this makes me think it's NOT a frost free hydrant. He removed the tiles in the suspended ceiling...
  12. Nestork

    Trouble finding Glacier Bay faucet handle adapters.

    Shorecat: I thought I could help you find an alternate knob for the existing spindles in your faucet because I remember this web page: Basically all the two knob bathroom sink faucet spindles come with splined stems, and if you count the number of splines...
  13. Nestork

    opinions on bath tub and basin stopper designs?

    I just use 1 1/2 inch rubber plugs that I buy from my local wholesaler who orders them in bulk from Master Plumber. They're simple, reliable and easy to repair be replacing them with a new one for 68 cents. In my books, that makes them better than anything that needs periodic repair and...
  14. Nestork

    Cold Water!

    I think Gary hit the nail on the head when he said "It would appear that someone... ...didn't do something they should have done,..." The plumber would have shut off the gas to hook up the stove. That woulda caused the pilot light on your water heater to go out while he was hooking up the...
  15. Nestork

    Boiler fill valve not filling

    It might not be a bad PRV. It might be possessed. Maybe see how much a plumber would charge to change it and compare that with what a priest would charge to do an exorcism.
  16. Nestork

    Will flux corrode copper pipe?

    I don't know about water based fluxes, but conventional soldering fluxes contain a chemical called "zinc chloride". At soldering temperatures zinc chloride becomes acidic and it dissolves copper oxide (the brown stuff that forms on copper) much more aggressively than it dissolves copper metal...
  17. Nestork

    Moving Into New Home - Changing the Locks - Builder Has a Magic Key to Reset Locks???

    No, that's not how it works. I don't know anything about the key system the OP asked about, but regular Weiser and Schlage deadbolts have 5 places on each key where the key can be cut to one of 8 different depths. So, in the simplest kind of lock, you'd be right; only one key profile would fit...
  18. Nestork

    Boiler fill valve not filling

    If it wuz me, I'd see if I could get an overhaul kit for that valve and just repair it. You'll get a new screen and you can keep your old screen as a spare. If you want to start replacing the valve, see if you can fit a pressure gauge and shut off valve into the line downstream of the PRV to...
  19. Nestork

    Please help me identify this stem and trim.

    Kissler & Co. Ltd. is a plumbing parts supplier that specializes in parts for older faucets. You can contact them by phone at 1-800-kissler. Maybe download their current parts catalogue and look through the drawings of the cartridges they carry to see if you can...
  20. Nestork

    Boiler fill valve not filling

    Most likely the problem is a clogged filtration screen on the valve. If your pressure reducing valve kinda looks like this: Then one of the openings on the bottom of the valve will be to remove the filtration screen for cleaning, and the other will be to access the internal parts of...
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