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  1. Nick_A

    Copper supply line question

    Hello We are wondering if we can get some help sizing the supply lines for our addition. We have 1-1/2" CPVC coming into the house, and we plan to use copper from there. We are feeding 2 toilets, 4 lavs, 1 tub/shower, 1 shower with 2 heads, and 1 washer. These are all on the second floor. We...
  2. Nick_A

    Bottom of main stack question

    Hello - Wondering if folks could take a quick look at this and give us some feedback? This is our 4" stack that comes down to our septic tank stub out in the basement wall. We are wondering if this is an ok option to do dual purpose as a test tee and cleanout on the main stack, or if we should...
  3. Nick_A

    Vent Size Question

    Thanks Wayne, We were planning to run any individual vents back into a 3" main vent directly on top of our 4" main stack. Tie everything into that 3" and then put a short section of 4" back on to go out the roof for the frost issue. Glad to hear it sounds like we can keep to just this single...
  4. Nick_A

    Rain head supply question

    Hello, We are kicking around the idea of putting a rain head in our shower, in addition to a typical wall mounted showerhead. The bathroom is on the second floor, and with the floorplan, is just about in the center of a 26x52 ft house. Attic is insulated to R-60 and we live in Iowa. We have...
  5. Nick_A

    Vent Size Question

    Hello, We are putting on an addition (2 full baths/laundry) and had a new septic system installed. We moved it to a different place in our yard, so we still have our current plumbing (kitchen/1 full bath) on our old septic. We will keep it this way until we finish the addition. When we had...
  6. Nick_A

    Toilet venting question

    Thanks everyone for your help. Another question then, what are the implications of putting a vent pipe in an exterior wall? We could kick the wye the other way and wouldn't have to go laterally more than ~8 inches. But that would be taking a 2" vent up an exterior wall. It doesn't seem like...
  7. Nick_A

    Toilet venting question

    Thank you for your reply - we will avoid this method. We have 15" of usable height available in the floor trusses. Would it be proper to kick the wye out to the side and run it up at an angle to a wall ~24" laterally away from the toilet? Basically, is there a gradient between fully vertical...
  8. Nick_A

    Toilet venting question

    Saw this image online and wondered if it meets code for venting. My initial concern would be that it has a horizontal leg, but that leg is not 6" higher than the flood rim of the toilet. Thoughts? Thanks
  9. Nick_A

    Venting question

    Hello, this thread is helpful to me, thank you. On the vent size requirements, is this requirement for the size at the interface with the roof, or the size of the vent stack in the attic space? Thinking in terms of the upsizing one inch at the roof due to freezing temps in the winter. Thanks Nick
  10. Nick_A

    DWV sizing question

    Hello, We are working on a home addition and are plumbing the second floor for two bathrooms and a laundry. We are on septic and the stub out to the septic tank in the basement is 4". The bathrooms consist of, total: 2 - toilets 4 - sinks 1 - shower 1 - tub/shower 1 - washing machine (no...
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