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  1. Schipperke

    Plastic Bushing Cracked

    Thanks for replies. I'd replace it, but damn if I can find it on a parts schematic.
  2. Schipperke

    Plastic Bushing Cracked

    Bradford White electric , installed about month ago. Went to utility closet and noticed this plastic part has cracked. Is anything bad going on? It was fine when installed
  3. Schipperke

    water supply too long

    Pex I like the White Pex Toilet Supply, cut to length and install. Looks Good..
  4. Schipperke

    Need recommendation on toilet to get from big box stores

    How its made I had a toilet where the rim was badly warped on one side, you can see how that can happen here, when removing from the mold., they are still pliable.
  5. Schipperke

    Need recommendation on toilet to get from big box stores

    Sure, that will work :rolleyes: Just wonder though, how sure are you the spot you set it on was dead level? Did you try placing over the flange without wax, and seeing how bad it was there? Heck in my home, if your garage was dead level, then that toiled would have probably been a dead on...
  6. Schipperke

    Question about Polyseamseal or other caulk

    Acrylic Latex I used this looks real good. Spend the $5 for a caulk finishing tool, (lots of generic versions, less than half the price shown) works great.. perfect finish in ~5 minutes time. If you are only looking for Polyseamseal, you want this.
  7. Schipperke

    It must a been a Toto...!

    ah, another future serial killer.....
  8. Schipperke

    Wax Ring question

    Thanks for replies, will be setting wax rings on flanges this weekend, one new and a couple musical toilets. (swapping bathrooms)
  9. Schipperke

    Toilet supply valve help

    Remove You probably do not need to get the torch close to the joint itself. I'd try cutting up a coffee can, flatten it out and configure to drop over the stub to shield the wall. I see more of a problem sweating a new valve on. If you can clean up he copper pipe and there is enough there...
  10. Schipperke

    Wax Ring question

    I pulled a toilet, there is an ABS flange that resembles an LP (remember those?) left in a hot car. The flange is fairly flush with the finished floor , not on top. Should I go with a thicker than standard wax ring? I've also read here to place the ring on the flange, then drop in the bowl...
  11. Schipperke

    Plugged Toilet

    Great photo. Wonder what the client thought while you were smashing a toilet in his bathroom... Postal Plumber?
  12. Schipperke

    Need some help regarding misaligned flange, please take a look at picture

    Spanner Flange Screw down a spanner flange on top. Put the toilet bowl bolts up through the spanner flange before fixing on top what you have. What you have looks flush to floor, so you have the space needed to fix.
  13. Schipperke

    Caroma Caravelle 270 just installed ... doesn't seem to be flushing well

    to adjust buttons I think there is a screw to raise or lower actuators. The flush valve is removed by just twisting to left and it pops out, you can check the disk settings on the valve.
  14. Schipperke

    Caroma Caravelle 270 just installed ... doesn't seem to be flushing well

    flush The two flush actuators do not look the same height, are both buttons functioning with only a little free play? The water level is raised by taking a clip off the inlet valve near bottom, you then twist slightly to free and it slides up or down then twist it back and install the clip...
  15. Schipperke

    Bowl Section: What's supposed to be included in the box?

    Shipping Just received a toilet tank, lid had the lugs broken off. The tank was shipped with the lid on the tank, not packed well in my opinion. I received a Toto earlier, very well packed. The tank lid was in its own box on that one.. Shipping toilets is perhaps a high risk venture if...
  16. Schipperke

    Penguin Toilets W/ Overflow Protections

    All kinds I've seen posts from "men" where it takes a thread to explain how to install a standard flapper. I have an older American Standard Round bowl (down from two recently) where the water volume in the bowl can be absolutely normal, and if clogged and flushed, you are talking a boat...
  17. Schipperke

    Toilet Bowl Seal

    Thanks much guys !
  18. Schipperke

    Toilet Bowl Seal

    I have seen some photos of toilet installs where the white silicone <?> sealer around the bowl at the floor does not extend to the rear of the base. Is there a reason for this? I can't recall seeing a toilet done that way here, the sealer goes all around.:confused: (I did try searching...
  19. Schipperke

    Penguin Toilets W/ Overflow Protections

    Gary, its a long drive, but I have an UltraMax for you..:rolleyes: This Penguin scores 1000 on the MaP test
  20. Schipperke

    Constipation Problem

    Sydney 305 I should have one in shortly , after one month with another brand, tonight makes 4 plunges. Heck , worse than the old American Standard I pitched.. I will say the one I'm replacing flushes water very well..
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