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  1. Andrew21

    See you later, not goodbye!

    I'm so sorry to hear this. After reading the first paragraph, I got a bit teary eyed. This is where i learned most of my stuff for plumbing. Big hugs to the family.
  2. Andrew21

    Help with leak behind tiled wall

    If I'm not mistaken, I bought it from Delta and the number is RP1745 I did notice that there's some water coming out of the relief hole from the spout when the diverter is activated. I think that has to do with the washer thats inside. I already have it but need to replace it. Don't think that...
  3. Andrew21

    Help with leak behind tiled wall

    So I took off the tub spout to check the O ring from the delta spout adapter and all is okay. I changed out the O ring just in case and took off the tape on the threads to retape them. Checked inside the wall and it seems drier than the desert. I'll take the valve body trim plate soon to take a...
  4. Andrew21

    Help with leak behind tiled wall

    Thank you. I'll take pics of everything when I take the trim pieces off and the spout. Perhaps more eyeballs are needed here.
  5. Andrew21

    Help with leak behind tiled wall

    Hmm...good call on this. Both the tub spout and the shower head have one of those 90 degree drop elbows that were soldered on. I'll try the stub out first on the spout. I didn't try that yet but its a good idea. Thanks, I'll report back
  6. Andrew21

    Help with leak behind tiled wall

    Vinyl siding is on the other side
  7. Andrew21

    Terry Love- cancer update

    I'm sadden to hear this as Terry and everyone else from this forum helped me through my renovations as a novice. I still come here and I vaguely remember he was fighting this before. I had 2 kids in the past several years and needed to keep my mind busy when home so I came back here to read up...
  8. Andrew21

    Help with leak behind tiled wall

    Hi All, I have a huge leak. I need your help here and I'm stuck not knowing what to do. The shower has a single handle shower with a tub diverter. The shower valve and pipes are behind a tiled wall. The outside wall is the siding, sheathing, etc. I have limited access underneath the tub...
  9. Andrew21

    WARNING: Burnham Alpine 105 - Deadly Carbon monoxide danger - defective part

    Sorry to bump this up, but I was able to google this same exact issue and have the same problem. My sensory cap with the wires is totally disintegrated and just hanging there. Not sure what this does but I think it opens up the flue? Anyway, I have to rig something or use hot glue like you did...
  10. Andrew21

    ALP105B Soft Lockout (Hold) 11

    Someone had the exact same issue. Try changing out the temperature sensors..
  11. Andrew21

    Promenade CST424SFG alternative?

    Hey All, I've been searching for another toilet for my 1st floor and ever since I picked up a Promenade CST424SFG, I wanted to pick up another one. It seems that its no longer available anymore in my area (New York). Is there another model similar to this one? I like the height and the...
  12. Andrew21

    How to take off cap and replace kitchen diverter - Moen

    Hi all, The sprayer on this kitchen faucet is not working. Its separate from the faucet stem itself. When I pull the sprayer out and hit the button, nothing comes out. Could this be the diverter? I picked up the diverter (a little brass piece) but I'm not sure how to open up this faucet...
  13. Andrew21

    Slow but steady flush, not the full rush

    I did that..and it does go down pretty fast
  14. Andrew21

    Slow but steady flush, not the full rush

    Hey all, Have an issue with my toilet. Its a Toto C42SFG It flushes but doesn't go down as fast as it used to. I bought a toilet auger and pushed that thing as far as it goes while cranking the handle and it seems to be clear. And I noticed the water level in the bowl is a bit higher than...
  15. Andrew21

    1/4 turn left or 3/4 turn right? Gas shut off valve

    Thanks Terry. I remember that the pipe was getting harder and harder to turn. I think that was the last turn I could possibly make ..either that or I was tired as hell that night
  16. Andrew21

    1/4 turn left or 3/4 turn right? Gas shut off valve

    Hey All, Just installed a gas shut off valve but after the stove came in, I realized the valve needs to be turned so the stove can completely be pushed in. I put on the teflon sealant when I screwed it on. I need it to point at 9 o'clock, but its at 12 o'clock now. Do I turn it back just...
  17. Andrew21

    2" copper dwv in kitchen

    Hey guys, Ok, so I was successful in getting a copper 2"x1-1/2 reducer. Now when I put the 1-1/2 trap adapter to the reducer size, its the same size and it won't fit. Did I buy the wrong piece?
  18. Andrew21

    2" copper dwv in kitchen

    Thank you Terry and HJ! I'll post pics when I can.
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