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  1. Leejosepho

    Does anyone here know much about making or repairing dentures?!

    Ten years ago I was in the process of getting an upper denture and a partial lower when my old-school dentist met the end of his days. I still had four upper teeth to be pulled and he told me to never let anyone pull the remaining six on the bottom. All was well with the ten teeth I still had...
  2. Leejosepho

    Buying a house, may have a septic tank problem - please help

    Sludge accumulates at the bottom of the tank, not at the top, so maybe they meant to be saying the crust had been growing into the drain field. Either way, however, it sounds like the tank might need a deflector or output filter to keep that from happening. The goal is to keep both the sludge...
  3. Leejosepho

    First septic tank owner

    Yes, or just slip a cap over the top temporarily without cementing it to see what happens. When effluent goes into your septic tank, the air it displaces has to go somewhere...and hopefully you will find it vents up through your roof without gurgling a toilet or other trap somewhere.
  4. Leejosepho

    Yet Another Garage Subpanel DIscussion

    Yes, possibly so, but sometimes a homeowner is allowed to do his own stuff simply because it is his own stuff. In my own case, however, I had an electrician pull the permit and do the riser/cables upgrade while I changed the panel so he would be the one calling the power company and getting...
  5. Leejosepho

    Drain in residential garage with septic

    No, any drain installed in the garage floor will ultimately cause trouble and/or be disallowed. Have your garage floor poured with a slope toward its own door out onto the driveway, then use a squeegee to push "snow melt and very occasional car washing" on out if it does not get there on its...
  6. Leejosepho

    Garden sprinkler system jet pump setup?

    "Replace Big Pressure Tank with CSV and a Small Tank"
  7. Leejosepho

    How close to the pump do I reduce from 1 1/4" to 1"?

    How many 1" sprinkler lines? If you have several, I would run the 1-1/4 to a manifold feeding them.
  8. Leejosepho

    pump is slow to come up to pressure

    Since water does not compress and air does, the bladder tank simply contains a variable cushion of air to prevent short-cycling by making it possible for a bit of water that can be drawn before the pump starts. A large bladder tank can provide more of that than a small one, but short-cycling is...
  9. Leejosepho

    Can slope be less than 1/4--do you ever "push it"?

    As long as the line is well-strapped or whatever to assure it has no sags, that slope would not concern me.
  10. Leejosepho

    Potential circuit overload?

    I would split something out there to help protect my own property, but the electricians here will likely give you a more comprehensive answer.
  11. Leejosepho

    My latest fabrication of "stuff" ...

    I grew up in "Michiana" at the Michigan-Indiana border, but being a hermit at Bone Lake in Iron County, Michigan, was my childhood dream.
  12. Leejosepho

    My latest fabrication of "stuff" ...

    My wife and I had some trees removed a few months ago, and I decided to keep a length of "Louisiana BackYard Pine" for making a canoe for my grandchildren. I did not get it finished before some of them arrived for a visit last week, but we loaded it on top of the van and my son-in-law and...
  13. Leejosepho


    I first tried Linux Mint 8 (Ubuntu-based) for a while about fours years ago and was quite impressed. Most recently, however, I am now in the process of installing a Debian-based version of Mint. If anyone still running XP does not want to have to hand away your checkbook in trade for a new...
  14. Leejosepho

    New Septic Tank required....grr

    While driving a knucke-boom truck delivering lumber for new construction many years ago, I was the guy on two different occasions who had no idea those tanks had arrived before I did! That makes sense to me as long as the top of the tank gets crushed and the hole is properly filled before the...
  15. Leejosepho

    My vitrectomy, and no, it had nothing to do with sex!

    I have just recently heard of Shaw lenses for dealing with that kind of thing and more, and I will likely be getting some in a few weeks after my eyes having stabilized from the cataract surgeries I have just had: If your brother wears glasses...
  16. Leejosepho

    timer on simple wall thermostat

    Have them put the utility bill in their name. Anything you do to turn the power off automatically will be a nuisance to everyone, and someone will mess with it just like you are doing.
  17. Leejosepho

    question on wifi usage

    I have heard that is not a problem as long as you only use copy-and-paste to log in. Problems can come when you type your credentials and some kind of keylogger is running.
  18. Leejosepho

    My vitrectomy, and no, it had nothing to do with sex!

    Good deal. These past few months have shown me how much I had always taken clear vision for granted, and it can be a challenge to not let the difficulties of poor vision come out in attitudes that can only make things worse for everyone. I will be in the cardiologist's catheterization lab in a...
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