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  1. Marlinman

    Symmons VisuTemp valve with mystery trim

    Many decorative valves used Symmons rough valves. What are you wanting to do?
  2. Marlinman

    Need help identifying bathtub faucet cartridge model from pre-2013 era.

    Made by Powers Processing marketed to institutional customers and Universal Rundle residential/multi-housing. #900-031
  3. Marlinman

    Mainline/Import T&S Cartridge Issue

    These are mainline cartridges they used for tubs and showers.
  4. Marlinman

    Need some help identifying my shower cartridge

    It is Valley without a doubt. # V6680CD
  5. Marlinman

    Newport Brass, Tempress II Shower faucet

    Yes they will interchange.
  6. Marlinman

    More pictures

    Made by CW Metals Copy and paste "H40622B". If you don't see it go to images.
  7. Marlinman

    Black specks in bathtub please help!

    I had the same problem in my tub. After making the desision to chande th tub/shower valve I found stainless flex lines supplying the valve. The supply line had a rubber inner core shielded by the stainless steel. The rubber was disintegrate cusing the black smearing marks on my tub. Be sure to...
  8. Marlinman

    Tub Faucet Brand?

    This tub valve imported through Homwerks. They no longer offer this model.This is the current trim. Sold through Home Depot and others. Current Cartridge
  9. Marlinman

    Help identifying older Kohler stem.

    Yes, The new style will work fine. It is a direct Kohler replacement.
  10. Marlinman

    Help identifying older Kohler stem.

    Your faucet came with the old style ceramic cartridge. The factory OEM cartridge is GP77005-RP clockwise close. The attachment shows both old and new version. They are shown bottom left. This page is from the Barry Walter Sr. Co.
  11. Marlinman

    Does anybody know the brand and type of cartridge of this faucet? please help

    Price Pfister Trim Parts (Updated handle) Cartridge
  12. Marlinman

    Need help identifying a shower valve

    Delta 2300 Most valve parts are still available. Trim parts are more difficult to find.
  13. Marlinman

    Help Identify these drains and covers?

    The wall hydrant looks to be Woodford model 8 Cleanout cover looks like Wade 8000-12 ductile top. Diameter is 5 1/2" I can't tell the height (Thickness)...
  14. Marlinman

    Wall Hung toilet replacment leaks from Waste outlet

    These can be frustrating to say the least. Look at Fernco FTS-4 seal. It adhears to the china bowl and the rubber fins seals to the inside of the carrier nipple. Much easier than making a seal with the 2 flat surfaces.
  15. Marlinman

    Need help removing cartridge.

    The sleeve does screw off counter clockwise. Use a rubber strap wrench positioned as close to the wall as possible and turn to remove. Price Pfister has changed the design of your cartridge. It now has a black plastic front that is extremely difficult to work with. I would use a generic...
  16. Marlinman

    Clawfoot Drain with Island Tub Adapter

    This is a Trim To The Trade fully plated for exposed tub wastes. The tube below the tee can be unthreaded fir a longer one. Also the tee can be turned to allow water to flow parallel to the floor. They have many finishes to choose from...
  17. Marlinman

    Can you Identify this Catridge?

    The valve was mostly sold through H.D. with the Pegasus brand and Danze which has moved into the Gerber plumbing group. If you can expose the front of the valve it may be easier to determine the cartridge.
  18. Marlinman

    need help identifying a shower cartridge

    That is Kohler Dalney.
  19. Marlinman

    Help to identify brand of deck mount tub faucet.

  20. Marlinman

    Can’t ID a tub valve stem and have exhausted all other resources, please help!

    The Handles appear to be Briggs. Let me see what I can find.
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