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  1. Kevink1955

    Pump just died. Help!!!

    Good to see but still a lot of work
  2. Kevink1955

    Need to know if well heat lamp is working

    While that would tell him if the lamps have power it would not protect from a burnt out bulb. To do that would require some sort of current sensing circuit May I sugjest a heating thermostat located at the target of the lamps, set it for the minimum temperature that would be acceptable, if the...
  3. Kevink1955

    Electrical caulk for MC PVC cable connectors

    Or a couple of wraps of vinyl electrical tape around the cable where it sits in the connector. Not code But.......
  4. Kevink1955

    Pitless adapter won't come out

    If he stacked the valve boxes he would need very long arms to service the valve anyway. I have had trouble working in an 18 inch deep pit, hard to get any leverage that far in.
  5. Kevink1955

    Petersberg VA well production

    Never got back to this post because I could not get anything from the new homeowners except "we do not want to run the well dry" While showing us their new house they proudly showed us the 18 inch square rain fall shower head they just DIY installed, I said nothing. Later that evening both the...
  6. Kevink1955

    Petersberg VA well production

    The CycleStop valve sounds like a good idea, I am going down there on Sunday for a week so I will have a chance to scope out what they have. Will report back what I find Thanks guys for the help and ideas
  7. Kevink1955

    Petersberg VA well production

    Thanks Cary I do not think this is as big a deal as it's being made out to be, of course I have always lived in homes with city water so what do I know Lol I come here almost daily as I have always loved all things mechanical and really feel bad for the posters that have a house full of family...
  8. Kevink1955

    Petersberg VA well production

    My wife purchased a slip and slide for our grandson and our new homeowner daughter says " we cannot use it, we have a well" They have been in the house 3 weeks and have never run out of water, I have them looking for an inspection report that may tell us what kind of well and pump but in the...
  9. Kevink1955

    Confused on the wiring for stove and dryer transfer to new house

    I think what James was getting at in the original post was that he had a 3 wire service to the trailer, I am assuming the trailer was feed off a power pole remote from the trailer. That would make the power pole the main disconnect, anything after the disconnect (the trailer)should have been 4...
  10. Kevink1955

    Attaching water sample spigot to wellhead

    Before you unscrew anything, show or tell us what is under the relief valve under the black wrap. I would not want to unscrew anything on top of the well cap just incase the relief valve is the only thing holding the discharge pipe and pump from falling into the well !! Even if you can remove...
  11. Kevink1955

    Deep well system problem.

    Let us know how the flow test goes, They do not tell us what days we can go out in the US but we have people complaining about closures of non esensal business but in the areas where they opened up restrictions a few days ago the infections are rising again. I am willing to give it a couple...
  12. Kevink1955

    Deep well system problem.

    Forget about the control box, you have an above ground and it appears to have a new pressure switch on the pump. Control boxes are used on submersible (in well) pumps Do a flow test straight off the pump and see if the flow drops off after it is running a few minutes, sounds like a well problem.
  13. Kevink1955

    Water Heater flow restriction

    Had time to troubleshoot this today, found the HW outlet is 3/4 fpt not a 3/4 X 3/4 nipple as I originally stated. Removed the piping and looking straight down the outlet fitting (that apears to be welded into the top of the tank) there is a white plastic piece that appears to have a small...
  14. Kevink1955

    Water Heater flow restriction

    Has anyone ever had a dielectric coupling (3/4 X 3/4 MPT) rust internally and restrict water flow I have a Larrs/Bradford White RV 75 indirect that devolved a restriction to the DWW flow. When flowing DHW you can hear a hissing noise around the HW outlet on the top of the tank so I am...
  15. Kevink1955

    Trouble re-activating dormant well

    Whatnot Great answer on the Inverter Generator, I never thought of it till you posted
  16. Kevink1955

    New pump has no pressure

    wellllllll You just managed to insult 1 of the most knowledgeable people on this forum, I would not expect much more help from here. Several good questions have been asked and the only answer provided has been that you already provided that information, then I guess there is no answer to...
  17. Kevink1955

    Water System Design Questions (Well - Storage - Booster)

    I do not think you can go 400+ feet on # 12 or even #10 wire. Also you have a 200 foot well, what is the static water level and how deep are you going to set the pump?? Any water above the pump is stored water, add that to the 10gpm your well produces and you may not need to store additional...
  18. Kevink1955

    Two Pumps in Parallel. Now a pressure problem....What could be issue?

    I think you have answered your own question, the gauge on the cold inlet does not increase because it is before the check valve. The check valve is trapping hot water in what is basically a closed loop (when no one is using water) This water is heated and expands, it has no place to go so the...
  19. Kevink1955

    50 year old well cap how to remove??

    Whatever you do, do not remove the bolts completely or the bottom plate and hardware will fall into the well.
  20. Kevink1955

    2 Line Jet pump losing pressure all at once

    Not that I will ever have a well with a 2 pipe jet but I learned something here today. It makes sense that you need to maintain a minimum pressure to the ejector jet to lift the water out of the well. Just never thought of it that way Valveman, I am sure you made the OP's day with your...
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