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  1. Themp

    Pvc glue, how to store it ?

    I use a Mason jar to store the PVC container. I do buy the smaller size. I just drop the container into the jar and then screw on the lid. I use a Mason jar for wood putty also that is in a metal paint like container. Seems to extend the life of the PVC glue, but not forever...
  2. Themp

    Is $1000 to replace a Compression Angle Valve feeding a Toilet reasonable??

    What you should learn from this DIY project is to be ready and have the materials to cap the line to the toilet when you bent it. This then lets you turn on the water again(toilet is out of commission), and have time to work on a solution yourself.
  3. Themp

    How to run supply line under existing slab

    I would contact a building inspector from your county.
  4. Themp

    Best type of Laundry/sink pump

    I have had this brand in my basement for almost 40 years and it is still running. No vent required, but you do need a check valve on the output side.
  5. Themp

    My hot and cold water pipes appear to intersect at some point

    What brand of shower valves do you have? If it is a common valve and the cartridge is reasonably priced, then you could buy three and replace them all at this point. Or if it is a brand that has a test cap that can be put in in place of the valve, then you could get a test cap(not sure they...
  6. Themp

    My hot and cold water pipes appear to intersect at some point

    Eatherton method. The Eatherton method, which is properly named after Mark Eatherton, the plumbing engineer who created this particular procedure, consists of testing each fixture individually, beginning with the shower valve in the housing unit that is experiencing hot water issues. The...
  7. Themp

    My hot and cold water pipes appear to intersect at some point

    A cross over can happen in a shower valve cartridge and you usually do not have a way to turn off the supply to that valve. So, if your test for all the supply stops turned off still shows a crossover, then I would start looking at replacing the shower cartridge. If you have multiple showers...
  8. Themp

    My hot and cold water pipes appear to intersect at some point

    Check this page for crossover:
  9. Themp

    Kitchen faucet with thick countertop

    You can call Delta customer support and get a new cartridge for free. I have tried cleaning them also by taking them apart and lubing, but in the end it will start to fail again. The cartridge is also sensitive to how much pressure is placed with the locking nut that holds it in place. I have...
  10. Themp

    Anyone recognize this Delta faucet?

    I think you have this Delta one: If you call Delta customer support: they...
  11. Themp

    What is holding these copper pipes together?

    Looks like cold welding for copper pipes: This is from the UK, but the "Just for Copper" product is available in the US.
  12. Themp

    Kitchen Faucet?

    Have used Delta faucets forever, but for some reason I fell into the trap of trying a German engineered kitchen faucet: I was looking for a kitchen faucet that...
  13. Themp

    Why are toilet/sink shut off valves and braided hoses such crap?

    My complaint is that over time the copper pipe(for my house) corrodes and turns green. And you can never trust the valve after a period of time for not leaking if you actually use it to turn off the water supply to the toilet. I actually never use them anymore and just turn off the whole house...
  14. Themp

    Underground irrigation fittings

    30+ years on many copper standpipes with copper unions on them so that the backflow valve can be removed for winter in my neighborhood. No failures underground that I know of, but many unions damaged over time from putting the backflow valve back on in the spring. The unions are getting dinged...
  15. Themp

    Copper joint. Was it lead free?

    House built in 1984. The city I live in decided to test older homes for lead. I had to draw water from the kitchen sink first thing in the morning after sitting in the pipes all night. My home passed. You can get a water filter that will remove lead. But I think it will remove flouride also.
  16. Themp

    Mysterious shower leak

    I would attempt to fix this myself with a bench top of man made Quartz. I know it is kind of a hack, but at this point you have demoed the top of the bench and now can install the support and corner structure for the piece of Quartz. Make sure the top is sloped and has a good over hang...
  17. Themp

    Home Water Pressure vs Flow Issue

    Since you set your PRV to 70 psi, you want to turn off the water and release the pressure in your system by opening one faucet and then try and set the pressure to 70 psi in the expansion tank using the Schrader valve. If you cannot get that to set to 70 psi then some thing is wrong with the...
  18. Themp

    Delta Cartridge Question

    I just replaced the RP46463 cartridge in my shower. This cartridge is a volume and pressure balance temperature control. If you look at how it works it has a set of weights that rotate back and forth to balance the volume and pressure. I am wondering if it is installed vertical if it makes...
  19. Themp

    Repairing hole in PVC DWV

    Just get a reamer or ram bit: and do both sides of the 2 inch pipe. Cut the pipe close to the vent. Hopefully your standpipe can be removed easily so you can get at the one side through the stud and then do the side near the standpipe.
  20. Themp

    Service Panel with ground and neutral on one lug

    I have a Square D QO 200 amp service panel that I added a whole house surge protector. In the process of reviewing how to do the installation I came upon the statement that code was changed in 2002 to not allow both the ground and neutral to be connected to the same lug. My panel is completely...
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