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  1. Cameron Fields

    Sewer gas smell downstairs after install upstairs

    Definitely related to the lack of being vented. Cameron Fields
  2. Cameron Fields

    Low-flow toilet rebate program

    I have heard very good things about the Kohler Cimarron; I plan on picking one up. Check out this video.
  3. Cameron Fields

    Dual Sump Pump Question

    I voted; I think you should use it versus letting it sit. My family had a tri-level home; the foundation was lined with troughs routed to a sump pump. Anything that sits without use has the potential to cease working. In fact I am looking to build currently, and while the home will not be...
  4. Cameron Fields

    Copper fitting didn't sweat. What a giant fiasco!

    How do you determine if you're overheating it?
  5. Cameron Fields

    Low-flow toilet rebate program

    I know this is an old posting, but I read somewhere that lower flow toilets are causing problems in U.S. city sewer lines. Increased levels of sludge, and methane gases for lack of water to carry waste to a destination. Some cities I believe in California are introducing new processes to help...
  6. Cameron Fields

    Best Toilet for Large BMs

    Terry, My mistake that is what I meant for non large BM's. I was responding to my earlier post about the Vormax.
  7. Cameron Fields

    Glacier Bay . Strange Bathroom Faucet Question

    Hi Storm62, Glacier Bay is on the lower end of the fixture spectrum. Is it a rotary knob? Or handle? I note you stated handled I just wanted to double check. If it is a rotary knob the play in the valve isn't as readily detectable, and something like sediment might be caught in the valve. Or...
  8. Cameron Fields

    Filters before on demand hot water?

    I second the idea of whole home filtration. If the water is that bad, you could extend the life of other appliances in the home with whole home filtration. Depending on water/sediment type they're a myriad of specialized filters available. Sincerely Cameron Fields
  9. Cameron Fields

    GE 30,000 Grain Water Softener

    Hi Reach4, I think it could be the casing on the well I hadn't given it much thought. Thanks for the advice I am going to see about a TwistIIClean that should help out considerably. I hadn't conducted much research on filters; I will give that one a try. Thanks again. Sincerely Cameron Fields
  10. Cameron Fields

    Best Toilet for Large BMs

    Update: The Vormax while it hasn't clogged is not that great of a toilet. The flush does resemble a TOTO, but the dual flapper design is quite terrible it constantly snags and hangs up requiring human intervention. I am thinking of replacing my Vormax with a Cimarron. I have spent my share...
  11. Cameron Fields

    GE 30,000 Grain Water Softener

    Hey Reach4, It is really dark red/brown completely covered and starting to bleed through on the inner side. It also has a fair amount of sediment at the bottom of the canister. Sincerely Cameron Fields
  12. Cameron Fields

    GE 30,000 Grain Water Softener

    Hi Reach4, The filter I installed is just a whole home I installed it a year ago to prevent build up on washing machine intake it works well. This is the filter I use I buy the same one at Walmart for $9.00...
  13. Cameron Fields

    GE 30,000 Grain Water Softener

    Hi everyone, I recently installed a GE self-contained 30,000 grain water softener. I am on a well I tested my water “straight” and it came back with 6.43 Grains Per Gallon hard with .03 ppm of iron. I have a filter pre-softener I replace every two weeks. I am curious if anyone has experience...
  14. Cameron Fields

    Approaching company with new fixture design

    Hi everyone, I am back it has been a while since posting I have some good news and some questions. As some of you know, I have been working on a new toilet concept for many years. I had been searching for a drafter to draw up my plans to submit a patent. I could not find anyone, so I ended...
  15. Cameron Fields

    Best Toilet for Large BMs

    Yes I can understand that,
  16. Cameron Fields

    Best Toilet for Large BMs

    I would personally go with a pressure assisted toilet in your situation; however the Optum Vormax hasn't failed me yet from American Standard and has a 10 year parts warranty.
  17. Cameron Fields

    Toilet slow to fill

    Had the same issue and did the exact same thing to fix. Glad you got it working.
  18. Cameron Fields

    Septic Riser.

    Thanks that's exactly what I needed.
  19. Cameron Fields

    Septic Riser.

    Thanks, mine is one tank with two lids and about 5 inches below the ground could be a little more its concrete and the guy told me its one of the larger models for private residence I think over 650 gallons but I can't remember was about a year ago. I just kept putting it off for personal...
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