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  1. Yardlady12

    Toilet Flange set to high by plumber, fix?

    I will check into a different flange as well. I had thought of re-using the one he put in because the old one was a metal one that turned into a rusty mess. Probably was not stainless. Any brand recommendations for the flange? I want to have the flange loose but sitting in place for when I tile...
  2. Yardlady12

    Tile Layout - Small L-Shaped Powder Room

    I would favor the straight or staggered look. Also with that size tile look into a tile leveling system or you will get uneven tiles even when you avoid the disasterous 50/50 overlap layout problems. Look at something like the Raimondi Leveling system.
  3. Yardlady12

    Toilet Flange set to high by plumber, fix?

    One last picture. Im putting tile down tomorrow, in most the bathroom. I want to cut the flange out before I attempt to tile near, under my toilet flange. I am putting on tile under flange. And securing it through all flooring. Side note leaky toilet was cause of bathroom remodel.
  4. Yardlady12

    Toilet Flange set to high by plumber, fix?

    I am nearing the end of my full bath remodel project, hitting a few minor snags with plumbing. I hired a plumber to update all the plumbing for the bathroom. Seems he set the toilet flange a good 1/2 inch off the finished floor. That's never going to work. I was not there when he did the...
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