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    User review on CST454CEFG 2 piece TOTO Drake II, Gwenyth, Owner comments and pictures

    In the old days bowl glazed the same inside and out no matter the cost of unit. At bottom of toilet less glaze on part where unit touch floor. Cost cutting on glaze in toilet tank common as it is today. I have experience in breaking up old water closets with a sledge so know traps were...
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    Help with instructions

    I am just shopping around for new water saver toilets, old Gerber toilets still installed. Had a bathroom renovation done seven or eight years ago. Did not replace those Gerber toilets. Toilets removed to get shower and shower bath tub installed. Doubt a toilet auger will get me much further...
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    Help with instructions

    Jim thank you for your advice. I cannot show either fitting illustrated in the instructions. Because am on a slab, once toilets removed all you see is flange and think a 90sweep fitting in each room. A wall separates both bathrooms. So no real way to tell if have double combination WYE or...
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    Help with instructions

    My house built in 1982 is on a slab. The bathrooms are back to back and no way of telling if have a double combination WYE 1/8†bend fitting or double sanitary tee/sanitary cross fitting. Instruction for Toto Drake models says not to install this toilet if have a sanitary tee fitting...
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