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  1. Ecoman

    Raimondi Tile Leveling System

    Just recently discovered the ATR tile leveling system better than all the above. Iv`e tried them all...just my humble opinion. ATR tile leveling review
  2. Ecoman

    Ecological and green building methods and materials

    Are there real and effective ways in the building industry to help the environment terms of methods and green products for building?
  3. Ecoman

    Bathroom Shower, Gut and Replace

    in my opinion the price is to high...get a bid from 2-3 contractors before you make a decision and get everything in writing when you sign the contract. here is a useful article on Choosing the right home improvement contractor You may also want to consider getting the materials yourself...
  4. Ecoman

    Can mosaic tiles go on the floor?

    got it! so i will use mosaic tile with a different finish for the floor...something not slippery. thanks
  5. Ecoman

    Can mosaic tiles go on the floor?

    I really love the mosaic tiles patterns...the colors and glaze of it is amazing! i want to install it in my bath but don't know how to calculate the quantity i would need ...actually now that i think about it i realize they came in standard size of 1by 1, so i guess i just need to see how many...
  6. Ecoman

    Bathroom accessories and ready to tile niches

    Try flooring supply ...they have great service
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