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  1. Treeman

    How can I get a water softener system with Clack valve and Enpress Vortech tank when local companies sell under their own brand?

    I have access through my workplace to buy materials from local jobber stores that sell to the pro trades people. That's why I suggested you find a plumber that uses that brand. Ferguson sells to the public, but their prices seem high to me and their brand offerings may not meet your needs.
  2. Treeman

    How much flush water in regeneration cycle

    About how much water will go down the drain for a 1.5 cubic foot softener during the regeneration cycle? My workplace installed a first ever softener in our shop and I question if the dubious floor drain can handle the flush water. Thank you.
  3. Treeman

    How can I get a water softener system with Clack valve and Enpress Vortech tank when local companies sell under their own brand?

    Don't know if this interests you. Builders Plumbing & Heating (Ann Arbor) carry Charger brand softeners (Illinois based with multiple distributors). Charger has models available with all three major brand valves (Auto-Trol, Clack, Fleck). They have "plain" tank models and turbulator models...
  4. Treeman

    A Good Plumber Improvises

  5. Treeman

    Clarity on efficiency needed

    My memory is hazy about this. I think you may have the "dumbed down" version of the clack ws 1 valve and/or it is set up for easier diy installation. I can't find past discussions about this and whether you can over ride the valve to get deeper into the programming. Other Clack WS 1...
  6. Treeman

    Resin and sizing question.

    West of you, near Lansing, my iron content is just under 1ppm and rust stains will show up daily with no treatment. Consider yourself lucky to have relatively low hardness and no iron. Can't help with the resin question, but I spent 20 minutes reading threads under a search of "fine mesh...
  7. Treeman

    Gravel Softener Bed Unnecessary??

    This newish 2022 article claims that gravel beds in residential water softeners is not necessary. .....the article doesn't show any data. Just their opinion? Comments from the pros?? Thank you.
  8. Treeman

    Good Water Softener Seller?

    Depending how close of friend he is and type of plumber, I recommend you tiptoe carefully broaching this subject with him. In my older years, I have learned to respect the trades people and I try very hard not to take advantage of them. Imagine how it might be that "friends" come out of the...
  9. Treeman

    Good Water Softener Seller?

    By "jobber" I mean the wholesale suppliers that are only available to the professional trades people. Not retail softener businesses. Maybe Gorman or WinSupply??
  10. Treeman

    Good Water Softener Seller?

    Do you have any professional plumber friends that might assist you buying a softener from a local jobber? In Michigan, Ferguson sells to the public. I find that Ferguson tends to be expensive and sometimes difficult to work with. Good luck with your quest.
  11. Treeman

    Rusty Water

    Ya, their marketing is a bit misleading. I see a few references to "rust" removal and scale control, but if you read their website carefully, this filter does not remove dissolved iron and hardness minerals. From their website: "Our whole home water filtration systems are easy to maintain over...
  12. Treeman

    Filtration - DI water

    I cannot imagine any reason it would not be suitable for use washing cars. I'm no DI expert, but we rent Culligan DI tanks at my workplace greehouses for about $25 per month and they last about 5 months before change out. They have a "glow light" on the tank that tells us when they are used...
  13. Treeman

    Settings Advice for Softener system Clack WS1 with iron/hardness

    DYI homeowner here. I have a Clack WS 1 on my softener, but it has been 4 years since I learned the programming details, so I cannot help without a bit of study. I'll just offer some generic advice to get started and hopefully an expert will come along. - If your capacity remaining is...
  14. Treeman

    So confused about correct water softener size

    Ask them their explanation for their smaller tank with 2 cu. ft. resin, please. I'm curious what their answer is. I found a 10 year old thread here that covered this topic. It was thought that the smaller tank would "probably" work...
  15. Treeman

    Does water softener brand matter?

    DIY homeowner here. I hope its ok to post the following link that I found to be a good softener primer: 11grains per gallon with no iron should be a cake walk. You might even get by using 6 lbs. salt per cu. ft.. I think most...
  16. Treeman

    A.O. Smith water heater sold by Lowe's

    If memory serves, that rumor appeared on this site. Master Plumber Mark: "According to this SMITH supplier , all that has happenned is they have put a WHIRLPOOL heater into...
  17. Treeman

    Need to replace old softener, company that did original install gave me really high quote, advice appreciated on sourcing my own softener.

    Hello BobLobLo, I'm in south central Michigan and I went through the DIY education process here about 4 years ago to purchase my softener. I will share my tidbits of what I learned here and elsewhere. Like all things, there is no 100% consensus among both pros and serious DIYers. Spend a...
  18. Treeman

    Drain options

    We certainly need more pictures and drawing of what you have. I'm curious how your washer stand pipe ties into your sewer drain. Is that the very end, the high point of the sewer drain? Is there a trap on the washer stand pipe? Unless a better, simpler solution is found, one somewhat...
  19. Treeman

    Drain options

    That's my gripe, also added to my edit above. We homeowners pay big bucks to hire licensed trades people and still get bad installs. The trades are stymied by regulations, codes, high overhead (insurance, licenses, tools, training, etc.) and we laypeople are challenged to get good installers...
  20. Treeman

    Drain options

    I see standpipe drains attached to horizontal sewer drains all the time in my region*, similar to this picture: Member Reach states that this should have a vent. EDIT: * Installed by licensed plumbers (my son's 10 yr. old home has one). Also, not questioning the pros here, but questioning why...
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