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  1. Kevin-NC1

    Hot Water Recirculating Pump - Pressure Switch

    I'd like to install a retrofit hot water recirculating pump. My plan is to use one of the retrofit thermal bypass valves between the hot and cold water lines at the faucet farthest from the hot water tank, using the cold water supply line as the bypass return path. An example of the type of...
  2. Kevin-NC1

    Horizontal Washer Drain AFTER Standpipe 3 iinch??????

    I have a question about draining a clothes washer into a laundry sink per the code above, which looks very much like the code where I live. My question is this: If there is no standpipe for the clothes washer and the washer drains directly into a laundry sink would the requirement for a 3"...
  3. Kevin-NC1

    Basement Double Vanity + Laundry

    I am remodeling my basement in NC. I would like (design goal) to include double vanity plumbing in the bathroom and on the opposite side of the same wall install plumbing for a clothes washer and a laundry sink. As the laundry room side of the installation will not be finished (no drywall) I...
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