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  1. Jar546

    pulling 8-3 romex

    I am also guessing that the electric range in question only requires a 40 amp circuit? What is the kW rating? You can't make that pull. That is a stupid, illegal and unsafe idea. You should not even try to make that pull but please videotape the attempt so we can all have a good laugh just...
  2. Jar546

    Does this toilet vent look OK?

    1) Every dry vent connecting to a horizontal drain shall connect above the centerline of the horizontal drain pipe 2) PVC DWV must be horizontally supported every 48" That should get you started
  3. Jar546

    Bathroom question, fan/light combo above the tub

    Easier: 1) Run a new 20A circuit to the existing receptacle in the bathroom and install a new 20A tamper resistant GFCI that is rated for use in damp locations. 2) Leave the vanity on the old circuit 3) Use the load side of the GFCI receptacle to feed the new switches for the new fan/light...
  4. Jar546

    Wiring diagram for bedroom

    Before you start framing and wiring, where is your required egress from the bedroom directly to the outside?
  5. Jar546

    Double oven and cooktop wiring - connecting three #6 wires

    Need the wattage of the appliances. You may need to provide a disconnect or OCPD capable of being locked out.
  6. Jar546

    Ducane vent termination

    4' to the window or gas meter would be the answer. This does not comply with the manufacturer's requirements or the fuel gas code
  7. Jar546

    Ducane vent termination

    Ducane 90% with the combustion air taken from inside and not piped from the exterior. Does the manufacturer's installation instructions prohibit this installation?
  8. Jar546

    Kitchen wiring and code

    When you apply for your electrical permit, the code official will be happy to assist you by answering any questions that you may have. This way you won't risk getting fined or being responsible for damage to life or property since your job will be getting inspected.
  9. Jar546

    Crimping ground wires in an outlet box

    Either method above is acceptable. I prefere crimps. Takes up less space and you can see the actual connection point.
  10. Jar546

    Keep Buying DIY Books

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE January 8, 2010 Release # 10-104 Firm's Recall Hotline: (866) 696-7602 CPSC Recall Hotline: (800) 638-2772 CPSC Media Contact: (301) 504-7908 Home Improvement Books Recalled by Oxmoor House Due to Faulty Wiring Instructions; Shock or Fire Hazard to Consumers WASHINGTON...
  11. Jar546

    Electric heater

    125% rule applies, no question about that. Sounds like the OP needs to hire someone who knows what they are doing. Simply not enough information given to give an answer. At minimum a dedicated 20a circuit would be needed for using this heater. If it plugs in, I would suggest a single...
  12. Jar546

    Will two Taco timers work in parallel?

    That there is funny. I don't care who you are:)
  13. Jar546

    Will two Taco timers work in parallel?

    Yes it would make it work but not how you probably want it to. As far as the damage, like asked above, we would need to know whether they are electronic or mechanical. Reverse bias can do differerent things to electronic equipment if not adequately protected. I too would like to know why...
  14. Jar546

    NC Electrical Code - 20A GFCI Circuit in bathroom

    You are under the 2008 NEC from what I am told. If that is the case, then yes, a 20A is required. Don't know all of the specifics for your installation so that is a general answer. There are at least 2 very knowledgeable NC code guys on this forum that can help you in case NC has some code...
  15. Jar546

    Locating PEX Pipe Under Concrete

    Infrared Photography. There are plenty of guys out there that would be happy to get paid to use their IR camera.
  16. Jar546

    Gas water heater ground

    OK, I will agree to disagree. I simply asked a question and did not imply a thing. We have lots of contractors in PA that have to get a background check with our new contractor registration law and many who cannot get a State registration because of their past history. I was only curious...
  17. Jar546

    ROMEX® to dryer outlet - insulated ground?

    Did you guys from NC have a pow-wow before you decide to double team me? Nothing wrong with tightening a loose connection on a circuit that was completely code compliant when it was installed. Do you change the main panel too when the bond screw gets loose? Still safe.
  18. Jar546

    Gas water heater ground

    Yeah Frenchie but 250.104B does not always apply because many times there are appliances that are NOT connected to the electrical system such as a gas water heater. BTW, that is an older SOARES, you should buy the 10th edition since NC has the 2008 NEC adopted. You may be enlightened since...
  19. Jar546

    Gas water heater ground

    And I would highly recommend that you purchase and read a copy of Soares Book on Grounding and Bonding which is published by the IAEI. Common sense goes a long way.
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