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  1. Cacher_Chick

    Solar battery charging

    I am wondering because it will be something I only plan to use seasonally so I would rather just set it up and utilize it without wondering if the village is going to have to become involved.
  2. Cacher_Chick

    Solar battery charging

    I am hoping for some insight on this from the career electricians and/or others here who are versed in the trade. I have an empty lot with no utilities and have been using a battery powered pump to pull water from a channel for irrigation. I picked up a pair of used solar panels and a charge...
  3. Cacher_Chick

    Adjusting 15 year old black steel gas pipe

    I would do it and then leak test it, knowing that if there is any leak you will have to start over with every joint from that point on.
  4. Cacher_Chick

    Repairing water supply line

    Where I live, the curb stop and the meter both belong to the utility. If I need to replace a main shut-off, I call them to turn the water off to the building. If they run into problems with the curb stop, they have to fix it. Many of our water lines are 8' deep.
  5. Cacher_Chick

    Old drain too low for P trap under new vanity

    It will work. Do position the AAV as high as possible to help keep it from becoming contaminated from splash-back or a backup,
  6. Cacher_Chick

    Type of wall covering above shower stall

    Regular drywall is fine and a good quality kitchen & bath paint is adequate to protect the drywall from moisture. I caulk all transitions with 100% silicone caulk after painting.
  7. Cacher_Chick

    I may have been Stupid /Spool style Pitless

    On some wells a hold-down rod is used to ensure that the pitless stays in space as the water level rising up can float the drop pipe.
  8. Cacher_Chick

    Kitchen sink hose

    The hose that is made for that faucet might be the only one that fits it. We cannot usually wait for parts to fix a customer's kitchen sink, so we replace the entire faucet. If you have time and patience, you will have to identify the make and model of the faucet to see if the company sells...
  9. Cacher_Chick

    Crack in ABS shower drain pipe

    I dont have an inside cutter, but have accomplished the same thing with my Dremel tool.
  10. Cacher_Chick

    Crack in ABS shower drain pipe

    You can remove enough of the underlying gravel/soil to fix it. Once the pipe is fixed just pack the soil back in and tamp it all tight.
  11. Cacher_Chick

    Stuck Moen Tub Spout with pipe adaptor

    What is the rest of the piping? I would be using all copper, so it would just be a matter of removing the piece that it too short and installing what is needed to finish the job.
  12. Cacher_Chick

    Hardwiring a lamp to a receptacle without eliminating receptacle

    The lamp would need to be meant to be hardwired, as is a wall sconce or other permanently mounted fixture. It cannot be hardwired with a cord or cable coming out of the wall.
  13. Cacher_Chick

    Is a discharge pipe required for a TPR valve (Ontario)

    I was thinking more about the sheet of ice in the yard. I don't understand why anyplace would want to pipe it outside, because if it is being tripped for a valid reason, I would want to know it immediately. If it it dumping outside somewhere, most people would not pay it any attention at all.
  14. Cacher_Chick

    Is a discharge pipe required for a TPR valve (Ontario)

    Local codes may vary. Your installation would not be good here where it might be -20 F for part of the winter.
  15. Cacher_Chick

    About ground attached to metal junction box

    If a box is metal, it is required that a ground wire pigtail be in place between the box and the receptacle if you are installing receptacles that accept a ground pin. If the boxes have no ground connection back to the panel, you must use a GFCI that is labeled "no equipment ground", or you can...
  16. Cacher_Chick

    Is a discharge pipe required for a TPR valve (Ontario)

    All you need is a length of pipe that will terminate a few inches from the floor. This is perhaps the only application I would ever recommend using galvanized pipe.
  17. Cacher_Chick

    Help needed Bathroom sink won’t drain

    The hairball is often in the stopper linkage, above the trap.
  18. Cacher_Chick

    Water coming through an inside vent

    You said tub. If you run the tub with the water going down the drain for 10 minutes, do you get any water out the vent? If not, remove the shower head and install a cap in it's place, and then run the shower for 10 minutes with the head plugged and check again.
  19. Cacher_Chick

    Floor drain in laundry room?

    There is no requirement for a floor drain. If it is the lowest drain in the house, it would be the first place for sewage to back up if the line was plugged further downstream,
  20. Cacher_Chick

    Glued In Shower Drain Repair Question

    Even brand new houses can have workmanship issues. I cringe thinking of all the houses that have been flipped by hacks in the past 20 years.
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