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  1. NJSteve

    Water Heater & AC Issues

    Hi everyone. I live in a townhouse apartment, and I’ve suddenly developed issues with both my central AC and my water heater within a 72-hour window. The maintenance guy thinks it’s just a coincidence. I’m not so sure. I’d love to hear your thoughts. The AC is set to 75 and it began running...
  2. NJSteve

    Air in the lines?

    Thank you, WorthFlorida, for taking the time to respond. I feel much better after reading your post. I suspected it had to do with air in the water line based on the involvement of the sink and washing machine. But the sound coming from the toilet was so unbelievably loud--like a bomb, just as...
  3. NJSteve

    Air in the lines?

    A very weird thing happened today and I'm hoping someone here can tell me whether I have any reason to be concerned. I live in a townhouse apartment built in 2002. Aside from having very hard water, all of our plumbing works great and was just checked out less than a month ago. The toilets...
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