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  1. Grhoch

    Navien NPE 240A2 Intermittent Low flow

    Are you able to touch the recirc line as it enters the water heater? If so, turn on the hot water at your shower then go feel the recirc line . If it is very cold this suggests that the cold water is flowing backwards through the recirc line due to a faulty check valve.
  2. Grhoch

    Navien NPE 240A2 Intermittent Low flow

    Update. The problem was indeed the check valve. The first guy from the plumbing company was clueless and misdiagnosed it leading me down a rabbit hole. I made them send a different guy and asked him why the return line was so cold when the water heater was running and he instantly knew the cold...
  3. Grhoch

    Navien NPE 240A2 Intermittent Low flow

    Hi, I have been struggling to the past few weeks with intermittent problems of hot water dropout on a 4 month old Navien NPE240A2 system. Setup: NPE 240A2 installed on exterior of home. External recirculation activated with dedicated return line using built in pump. 3 showers: #1 (Hans-grohe...
  4. Grhoch

    Tankless Recirculation Questions

    Hi, I am a homeowner, currently working with an architect to convert my garage into and ADU. It's a one car garage, so there is not much space to work with. Currently I have a 50 gallon tank water heater with a dedicated recirc line in the garage. Ideally, during the renovation, I would like to...
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