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    Need to connect some thick wires

    What are the size of the wires. There are many connectors available but based on the size of the wires. Also the connection must be placed in a box, can't be in the open as a splice. How big is the box? Here is an example.
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    Reactor in a portable Miller Big 40 welder?

    You are replying to a thread that is 13 years old
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    4 way switch

    I did not watch this video above ^^^^ but looking at the way the objects were identified in the diagram gets me wondering. Hot leg coming in with a neutral, not a common. Those are not 2 way switches but 3 way switches. None of the switches should have "on" and "off" imprinted on them, if they...
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    4 way switch

    Taylorjm: First before you go pulling anything out of the boxes when you do be sure you do not remove any wires from the switches. Also of course be sure the power is off. One thing I want to ask please - the 4 way switch - does it have "On" and "Off" imprinted on the face of it (the toggle)...
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    Replacing Existing 3-way Switch

    Step one - can you give us the model # of the new switch? Step two - if available can you post a picture of the intructions for the new switch Step three - can you describe the wiring in the box that you now installed the new switch in Even though the new switch may be working you still may not...
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    New breaker panel install

    Watch for your bend radius limitations when you are installing the main conductors. There is a limit as to how much of a radius you can bend the wire to meet code. This is why I had said installing the main wire first would have been better and easier to do. To find the bend radius you need to...
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    New breaker panel install

    I would suggest Run and install wire from meter to main breaker. You want to do this first because of the gauge of the conductors feeding the main breaker. It will be much easier to work with the thick conductors when there are no other wires/conductors in the panel. Before you run your circuits...
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    GFCI Wiring

    Question: Are you attempting to protect the non GFCI receptacle and light after the GFCI receptacle? If you don't want protection downline (such as to the non and switch/light after the GFCI) then wire line/line. If you want protection downline then wire line/load. Line/Line means power going...
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    Am I using 12/3 cable from a switch to an outlet correctly?

    Right you are!! :eek: My eyes never went down to supply line to see x/2. my mind just said x/3
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    Am I using 12/3 cable from a switch to an outlet correctly?

    Fitter30 The outlet (receptacle) is not being switched. It has a constant hot from the MWBC power in which is in this diagram the red wire. Power in feeds the switch and the receptacle at the same time.
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    Am I using 12/3 cable from a switch to an outlet correctly?

    I would do a bit more research first before you install a regular receptacle. You may have to rethink this but consider the towel warmer is metal, if for any reason the body becomes electrified you now have this energized large piece of metal in a small room with a lot of water and dampness...
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    Federal Pacific breaker box?

    Yes, definitely, Federal Pacific panels should (actually) must be replaced. This is NOT new news in the field and has been for quite some time. I am a retired electrician and quite honestly if I received any calls to do any work in someone's home and found that they have a Federal Pacific panel...
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    Water Line/Electrical/Gas in Same Channel

    Did anyone happen to notice that this thread is from 2007 (15 years ago). To anyone finding this thread in a search please be aware of the fact that some codes may have changed within the 15 years since this post started. Please check code offices etc for most recent codes.
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    Switched Power Outlets Problem

    GoGators: In your posts #1 and #8 you reference this as your daughter's house and then apartment. It was mentioned a bit in the responding posts but I have to say it again. If this apartment or house is not owned outright by your daughter and just rented you can not and should not do any...
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    Oven Wiring Requirement

    Some people interchange terms "range", "oven", "cook-top" as being the same thing so we don't always know what the DIYer is referring to and that makes a difference most times. My mind tells me: Range - Combined cooktop and oven as a single unit that is installed as one. Cooktop - Only a...
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    I am confused about these circuits - both are tied together in one jn box

    I agree with worthflorida (post #8) in the suggestion to purchase the book from the link. Reading a book like this will give you a good understanding of electrical theory and installation assistance in the way of concepts so you can apply them to your own projects as needed. You will find after...
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    I am confused about these circuits - both are tied together in one jn box

    This absolutely depends on what the wires are being used for at that connection.
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    I am confused about these circuits - both are tied together in one jn box

    Do you have a model # of the panel other than the brand name and amp rating? This does make a difference most times. Some Eaton breakers may not be rated for some of their panels but for others.
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    Square D homeline or QO panel??

    Looks like QO to me also. As Wwhitney said the "trip window" is almost a signature of the QO panel.
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    Pool Heat Pump Breaker size

    Good choice SDexcalibur :) Until I retired a few years back I was a licensed electrician. I went to school for it and was also certified. I would not even work on swimming pools as they require special knowledge.
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