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  1. ErnieO

    Morton softener salt quality getting worse?

    I have noticed the same thing. I was at a customer's house who had been buying that salt and the tank was really dirty. I cleaned out the tank and switched over to Diamond Crystal Bright water softener salt pellets. Seems to be cleaner and not leaving the black film in the brine tanks.
  2. ErnieO

    Fleck 5800 SXT programming

    Thanks for the response. So the C should be set to match the BF recovery. In your example, a 6lb salting will recover 21,000 grains. Therefore C will be set at 21 and BF will be set to 4 if BLFC is .5gpm to give us the 2gallons needed. Thanks again.
  3. ErnieO

    Fleck 5800 SXT programming

    I have a 1 ft3 Fleck 5800 Sxt softener. My hardness in water is 9 gpg on city water and there are 4 people in the home. So I have about 2,700 grains to recover per day. I'm trying to figure out the proper control valve programming settings for capacity, BW, BD, RR & BF. So... I have a 32,000...
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