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  1. Runs with Bison

    Does anyone sell an anti-stacking pump?

    Why not take the humidifier feed from a cold water tap instead? If a small humidifier draw is causing stacking then the easiest solution would be to move the tap to the cold side... Beats installing a pump that will continuously use power, transfer heat to the surroundings, and be a potential...
  2. Runs with Bison

    Water takes 30-40 secs for bathroom showers to get hot after new Hot Water heater

    Can't speak to a water softener as I've never used one, even when our water was incredibly hard well water coming from Ozark a teen/early twenties I changed a lot of water heater elements at the barn and in the house. Short run times to warm don't waste much water, and our use is...
  3. Runs with Bison

    Water takes 30-40 secs for bathroom showers to get hot after new Hot Water heater

    Out of curiosity, what is your baseline natural gas usage per month (in therms, CCF or however you are billed for quantity, not $.) I expect this natural convection to come at a substantial annual cost. Keeping lines continuously hot, especially if uninsulated requires energy. For...
  4. Runs with Bison

    Help finding Moen tool

    Have you tried sending the above image of the faucet to Moen to ask them if they can ID it?
  5. Runs with Bison

    Possible Design Flaw in Toto Drake Toilets: Consider Before Purchasing

    FWIW: I've purchased six now, EcoDrake's and Drake II's, all 1.28 gpf with CEFIONTECT and elongated and never spent even $400 on one. With regards to the problem some are seeing I'll toss in a potential contributor for it: Shorter spacing from the waterline to the rim/seat than some other...
  6. Runs with Bison

    Dishwasher bad luck, or electrical?

    Had a Bosch in the rental we were in for a year...worst dishwasher I've ever experienced. Poor rack layout, poor rack pullout, broke glasses as a result since trays slammed on close or came free on opening. Used and needed rinse agent to work properly and went through it rapidly. Didn't clean...
  7. Runs with Bison

    Crystal Chalets toilet replacements

    Terry, Which of the two wall hung toilets did you prefer? (Not that I'm in the market for any, just seemed like something that might prove useful to your readers.) I'm guessing the Gerber because it is simpler (not pressure assist) and is lower flush volume? And more importantly, what is a...
  8. Runs with Bison

    Questionable Installation Issues with new water heater

    The problem I have with the current flex line arrangement is that they look borderline to kinking. They are not kinked in the photo, but I don't like the amount of bend on the inner radius and the amount of extension on the outer radius. Realistically, if the tank is not moving around and...
  9. Runs with Bison

    Adding a small tankless to supplement 40gal tank

    I looked at the drainwater heat recovery systems in a previous home. I agree with Dana's perspective on them. There was one that would have been a good fit in that home, but I had reduced hot water use so much and nat. gas was so cheap there that the payback was overly long in that location...
  10. Runs with Bison

    Adding a small tankless to supplement 40gal tank

    What flow rate is your showerhead and how long of a shower do you desire? If you don't know on the flow rate a simple bucket test with known volume or using a bathroom scale and a stopwatch can give you the flow rate. If you have multiple showerheads or an old showerhead with some crazy high...
  11. Runs with Bison

    Questionable Installation Issues with new water heater

    If it was standing in water there is a good chance it was leaking already or that the T&P was relieving/dribbling. Could have been a fitting leak, I've had those, especially with the plastic drain valves...had one of those crack and break off from the water heater while I was trying to figure...
  12. Runs with Bison

    Questionable Installation Issues with new water heater

    The first question is does the OP need one? That is only answered by determining if the system is closed in some fashion. If it is a well with a pressure tank, then no. If the OP is on municipal supply, then there is a good chance that checks already exist (or will be added later) that will...
  13. Runs with Bison

    Questionable Installation Issues with new water heater

    I am not a professional (with respect to plumbing) so keep that in mind. Like you I don't like the looks of what they did to make the new taller tank connect. I think they went cheap on this by stretching the flex lines and straightening the tubing runs. I'm somewhat concerned by how well...
  14. Runs with Bison

    Buy Toilets Online?

    Local markets can vary greatly in that regard. I've been fortunate on pricing with these in the past, but in some smaller towns I lived in I would have expected an experience more like yours. Their volume and selection would likely not have allowed them to give me a reasonable price even if...
  15. Runs with Bison

    Beginner questions to water heating.

    What sort of tank arrangement do you have? Is this a tank (with a heater) that is kept liquid full like a home water heater, or is it a tank that has an operating range? (e.g. high level might be 80%, low level 20%...or empty if the heater does not have to remain flooded/covered and shuts off...
  16. Runs with Bison

    Buy Toilets Online?

    The primary advantage of using local shops (other than supporting local economy) is that if there are problems/breakage etc. they will take care of it. They have more leverage to deal with shippers and manufacturers. So returns are less of a hassle. I won't cut a shop out to save a few...
  17. Runs with Bison

    Raising water heater temp uses less water?

    I wouldn't install a tempering valve unless forced too...then would uninstall it as soon as the inspector left. I've seen more than enough of systems limited to 120 F supply. Their delivered temps fall far short at appliances, sink, and shower. Somewhere between 125 and 130 F setpoint has...
  18. Runs with Bison

    Buy Toilets Online?

    I ordered my first Toto online recently. Local shop was former Toto showroom, now mostly has Koehler, so Toto deliveries were very they neglected to call me for a week when tank came in even after I called to check, thereby fouling up my schedule, so I was a little miffed. Price...
  19. Runs with Bison

    High Water Pressure??

    I don't know and this is tough to diagnose without being there. One suspects some sort of resonant frequency that coincides with the hangers in the run. As another mentioned the hanging arrangement can result in some noise. However, the amount of hammering you describe is excessive. It could...
  20. Runs with Bison

    High Water Pressure??

    Yes, roughly 4 gpm vs. 2 gpm is normal. Numbers will vary with type of shower head and system pressure but this is the ballpark difference. Flow restriction/pressure compensation is usually somewhere in showerhead assembly. (When I had ones underperforming specs I actually used a very small...
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