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  1. SonOfGloin

    Minor low spot in rainwater drainage wye - acceptable?

    Thanks for all of the insightful replies. Regarding the mosquitoes, I spoke with a local insect expert and, much to my surprise, it turns out that the asian tiger mosquito (e.g. the bane of my existence) can find its way that far into the piping and use the standing water to breed. However...
  2. SonOfGloin

    Minor low spot in rainwater drainage wye - acceptable?

    Hi all, Long time lurker here, finally stepping out of the shadows for some advice (which I've received plenty of over the years reading these fantastic forums!). This is actually in regards to underground rainwater drainage, but since I'm using ASTM d2729 sewer and drain pipe this is a fairly...
  3. SonOfGloin

    Can I Connect Outdoor Spigots to Water Softener?

    I just did something similar last week actually. I have one line that feeds the garage, which is my only external spigot, and just set up a two valve feed so I can select hard or softened water. Fairly simple, and now my at-home car washes are awesome!
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