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  1. Dorlando13

    New pump not priming

    Hello, I had a voltage issue with my prior motor so I just replaced it. I put in another 1.5 HP Flotec. On my prior pump I am guessing I was losing prime in my suction line because it would take 30-45 seconds for the pump to bring up water, but it always worked. With the new pump in place I...
  2. Dorlando13

    Pump motor not coming on

    Hello, I have a Flotec 1.5 HP for my well. This morning I watered the front yard fine and when I went to water the back the pump would not come on. There is no humming or anything. I waited 30 minutes and same thing. I did notice a little smell near the pump but can't say for sure that...
  3. Dorlando13

    Irrigation pump on but no water

    Hi, I don’t have a lot of knowledge on pumps but here is my situation. I have a 1.5 hp pump on my well for my irrigation. It is coming on but no water is being pumped out. I have not noticed any significant issues recently and just watered two days earlier. Could it have lost prime? Is it...
  4. Dorlando13

    Hole in bottom of bathtub faucet

    Hello, our bath tub is probably over 30 years old. The bottom of the faucet has a 1/2 size or so hole that the previous owner partially plugged by rigging something to fit inside the hole. My first question would be do you know why there would be a whole under it? Second, what he did to plug...
  5. Dorlando13

    Mini split recommendation

    Hello, I need to purchase a 1k or so mini split, maybe 9000 btu. I understand the market has been bombarded with a lot of cheap knockoffs from overseas. My wife just lost her job due to Covid 19 so my budget is limited. I don't have the dollars for a Mitsubishi or Fujitsu but I also don't...
  6. Dorlando13

    Pulsating water from shower

    Hello, I haven’t been on the forum in a couple of years but I always appreciate everyone’s help. The pipes in the shower have been pulsating over the last week. It doesn’t happen with every shower. The toilet in that same bathroom has also been making a pulsating type of vibration, almost...
  7. Dorlando13

    AFCI breakers

    I live in Orlando Florida I need to replace my electric panel. House was built in 1977. Will I be required to put in afci breakers? Nothing is being moved or added. We are just replacing the panel and breakers
  8. Dorlando13

    Irrigation pump not working

    Over the last few weeks the breaker for my irrigation well pump has tripped a few times but the pump still worked. Now the breaker keeps tripping after about 10 seconds but the pump never comes on. Does that mean the pump is bad? thank you
  9. Dorlando13

    Toilet Flushing every other time

    I can really use some help, thank you. We have an american standard toilet. Sorry, I do not know much more about it. We had a broken lever so we replaced it. At the same time we replaced the flapper and chain. Now the toilet flushes every other time because not enough water is getting into...
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