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    Moen tub fixture 1/2 IPS to PEX

    Hello, My new Moen tub valve is 1/2 IPS Old one was PEX. Do I just use female threaded fitting to convert it to PEX ? ( extend PEX ) Or should I use maybe flexible hose ? Suggestion would be appreciated. Thank you
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    Backwash drain - location

    Hello, I just had a plumber visit … I’m adding 12x52 carbon tank. I was hoping that backwash can go to floor drain but plumber said, due to how the floor drain was installed he does not think it’s a good option. Floor drain was notched inside for condensate drains. ( he said that it was poor...
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    New water heater - Vent pipe seems not to be plumb ?

    Hello, I had new water heater installed, Power vent/Gas But today I noticed that the vent pipe does not seem to be plumb ? Please reference the copper pipe and you can see that no way pipe is straight Should I call back installer ? I think I know what the problem is, old tank was shimmed...
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    Reverse osmosis, plugged drain

    Hello, My place came with RO system, I had sink drain plugged had to use plunger. I just thought about this and RO is not air gapped, and most likely water have backed up when plunging as I don’t see any back-flow valve. I feel like I should replace whole RO - but do I need to replace the...
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    Filter backwash to floor drain

    Hello, Is it up 2 code to drain filter to floor drain. I believe that drain is connected to sanitary system not to storm water or sump. ( I will get plumber to snake it ) I do have access to main stuck but no vent and I don’t want to use those little no vent things. Thank you
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    Vortech tank, distribution tube

    Hello, Just placed an order for 12x52 Vortech tank, dealer mentioned that I need distributor tube … I was under impression that it was already pre installed ? He said that it clips in to bottom of the tank? Does that sound right. Thank you
  7. Powerless

    Toilet - fill valve

    Hello, Could please someone assist me with identifying this valve … looking for good replacement. Getting thumping noise at the end of fill Thank you
  8. Powerless

    Mars Azure Digi ECM motor.

    Hi Guys, Where I am I don't have access to HVAC specialist :) like you do in US. I'm thinking about upgrading the blower motor - on my Goodman furnace( imported from US ) It's a 4 speed 1/3 HP motor. I'm thinking about putting Azure ECM motor, apparently it auto setups CFM. But I would like...
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    Advice need on Air Return basment

    Hi Guys, I have an air return duct in the basement that is being finished. One the picture below you can see where the return is. Plan is to add 6 inch pipe to extend return right to the corner where I would put a grill ... Option 2 - I would a Y/WYE and two elbows one to the corner and one...
  10. Powerless

    Aqua UV 712 / Trojan UV 700 series

    Hi Guys, I have probably 7 year+ old UV lamp for water purification ... Anyone has an idea how many GPM's it supports, I can't find any documentation any more. I still have 4 bulbs for it .. so it would be waste to upgrade to newer system. It looks like the big boy here ...
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    Dead End a health hazard ?

    Heya Should this be considered a health hazard ?, I was reading that dead ends are not safe for potable water. There is bypass there with a valve.. will the water go stagnant in there ... and when filter will be put to bypass the bad water will flow home ? Thx
  12. Powerless

    Back Wash GPM for 2 cu 12x52 tank GAC

    Heya, Any ideas how many gpm's is optimal backwash for 12x52 GAC ? Gracias
  13. Powerless

    Clack V3006 - manual backwash

    Heya, So I ended up using clack 3006 bypass... for the manual Backwash. I have it setup in downflow, plan is to reverse water flow to backwash, only way to have ths arrow on the valve point in right direction would be to flip it upside down everytime. Does anyone know if this matters... of...
  14. Powerless

    The big day .. putting it all together ...

    Heyaa! Just wanted to say gracias to all the guys that helped me ... I ended up going with Clack C1190 heads and make manual back wash with valves, Ditto thank you for recommending supplier ! Now is the time for tank assembly .. how short should I cut the pipe, Should it be flush with the...
  15. Powerless

    AlamoBrand carbons Jacobi ?

    Heya, I'm being told by my sales guy, that AlamoBrand catalytic carbon .. is rebranded Jacob MX-CCMA ....anyone can confirm deny this. Thx
  16. Powerless

    Riser tube glue ?

    Heya, What glue should be used on riser tube / vortech tank adapter. I guess it has to be something safe that will not leach stuff to water. Anyone knows what is standard tube size on Vortech tank without adapter. Gracias
  17. Powerless

    GAC mesh size, 20x60 or 8x24

    Heya, I can locally pickup GAC mesh size, 20x60 or 8x24 what is preferred mesh size for water filter. Thank you
  18. Powerless

    Clack bypass valve, reliability ?

    Heya, Does any one know how reliable they are ... I'm planning to put system in to bypass every 2 weeks to kill bacteria in pipes by letting chlorine.. And does anyone know the bypass flow rate, how many gpms ? it looks very restrictive V3006
  19. Powerless

    Stacking 2 tanks together ?

    Heya, How does stacking two tanks together work ? How is media distributed ? how does back-washing looks for system like this. I'm debating on stacking smaller tank with kdf55 on top of my 12x52 carbon - this is to kill any potential bacteria, I have pex piping so its prone to algae growth...
  20. Powerless

    5600 SXT BW - with 12" carbon tank

    Heya, Local dealer in MX suggested 5600 SXT BW for my 12x52 tank. I will be able to get power from pump station for small fee. 5600 SXT is speced for up to 10" tank for filters, is oversizing ok ? Importing other valves from US is neither cheap or easy. Gracias
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