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  1. Peachlander

    Have to cycle valves to get good/consistent pressure (MV setup)

    Same problem here. Still haven't found a solution.
  2. Peachlander

    Sprinkler System Low Pressure - sometimes

    Thanks agian for your reply. The system is supplied before the regualtor, so I don't think it's a regulator problem. The only thing I can think of now perhaps a sloppy job (my own) when I replaced the frozen, then cracked, ball valve on the PVC pipe just before the manifold. Perhas a piece of...
  3. Peachlander

    Sprinkler System Low Pressure - sometimes

    Thanks for the reply. The backflow preventer is designed for sprinkler systems. Watts 3/4 x 3/4 LF7RU2-2. This valve allows the two interior flappers to be removed. I tried removing one, then both. Same problem either way. Domestic water. ~100 psi at the manifold. (Supply is before the...
  4. Peachlander

    Sprinkler System Low Pressure - sometimes

    I have a five-year-old, 4 station system sprinkler, two stations higher than the manifold, one lower and one dripper. Orbit valves, Hunter rotator nozzles, Rainbird controller. When I turn on any station, either manualy or via the controller, the pressure is so low I don't get an adequate spray...
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