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  1. Lou_Reed

    Some Toilet Advice If you Have The Time

    Thanks for the info. I typed up a detailed reply to the poster just before you. I'm pretty flummoxed at how it happened. I've rebuilt a few toilets with new tank to bowl gaskets etc and it was in a guest bathroom so it didn't get much use. IDK real bummer to only get less than a year from a...
  2. Lou_Reed

    Some Toilet Advice If you Have The Time

    Thanks unfortunately they won't take it back and American Standard wants nothing to do with me. I can't imagine I tightened the bolts too much as I've rebuilt two other toilets that were in the house without incident. A Gerber and an Eljer. Since it was installed in the bathroom of a guest...
  3. Lou_Reed

    Some Toilet Advice If you Have The Time

    . Oh great thank you so much, Terry. That eases my mind. I'm going to check the local supply house that carries TOTO first as I would rather support local business. Even if they're a bit costlier. I'll upload some pics of my just slightly above amateur installation when it's in. :cool: Thanks...
  4. Lou_Reed

    Keeney FlushAll K835-9 3X2 Flush Valve

    I have one in my basement toilet. Love it. It's going on three or four years with no issues. It seems to make the flush on an older Glacier Bay 5x stronger. Really glad I bought it! Rarely get clogs.
  5. Lou_Reed

    Electrical Engineer New Here Introduction

    Hi everyone, New in these parts, but just noticed this forum which would be right up my alley! I'm a business owner/EE and I hope to be jump in and help or share any knowledge I may have. Anyway, just wanted to say, "hi"! Looking forward to contributing in the future. And learning from all of...
  6. Lou_Reed

    Some Toilet Advice If you Have The Time

    Hi everyone! First post, but have been reading through the threads. A wealth of information. Thanks for sharing your knowledge! Awhile back I bought an American Standard 3381.216.020 dual flush that was sold at Lowe's exclusively. Which I now regret. I live alone and it was for a spare bedroom...
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