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    Condensate neutralizer kits

    As far as I know, all neutralizer kits are just sealed containers full of chemical pellets. If there are other types, please let me know. Questions: 1. Do they flow well under just gravity or do they need the water pressure provided by a condensate pump? In other words, will they work with a...
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    Pipe bungs

    I need to put a fitting on the side of a 3" copper pipe so I can connect a small pipe (1/2" or 3/4") to it. Is there such a thing as a mechanical bung for doing this? It can be any type of mechanical attachment, I just prefer not to have to solder it. There is no water pressure, it's all drain...
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    Honeywell gas valve

    I need to replace a Honeywell gas valve VR8204A2506. It is obsolete and I noticed there are a whole bunch of VR8204A valves with many, many different last 4 digits. In fact I pulled the manual for that valve and it doesn't even mention having the last 4 digits...
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    Thin wall couplings

    Does Fernco (or anyone else) make a flex coupling for 4" thin wall (sewer & drain, ASTM D2729) PVC pipe? I can't find any in their listings but they are a bit awkward to navigate so I may have missed them. I don't care if they have metal jacket or not. Thanks.
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    KBI/King Brothers plumbing fittings

    I'm not familiar with this brand, but I see a fair number of them on the Ferguson website and others. Not particularly cheap. Google finds no such manufacturer. Is this a generic brand of crappy offshore made fittings?
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    CPVC for cold only???

    Came across this accidentally. In the same bin at the local HD, same fitting with 2 different brands. One says "for cold water only". Whaaaaat? Has anyone seen this? What does it mean? Why?
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    Quality toilet seat?

    Who makes a good quality color-match toilet seat? Back story: a few years ago I bought a toilet seat, color-matched to a 1965 American Standard toilet. Not cheap. Works fine. Fits the shape of the toilet well. Can't remember the brand. A few months ago, the top surface of the plastic (the seat...
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    Best tank type water heater

    I'm doing some research in preparation for replacing my own 30-yr old AO Smith power vent, which is still working fine. Looking for best performance/ quality/efficiency/longevity, etc. Does anyone have links to any articles, research, personal experience, etc? Mostly interested in gas heaters...
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    Exposed supply pipes

    Happy Holiday everyone! In a bathroom with a pedestal sink, is there a code provisiona gainst the supply lines coming out of the floor? Common sense tells me it's not a good idea as the unprotected pipes could be accidentaly kicked or hit, but I can't seem to find any code paragraph that...
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    Short toilets (front to back)

    We do a fair number of bath remodels in very old houses where space is limited. So this subject comes up often. Does anyone know of any published reports, tables, etc. where I can look up the dimensions of many toilets so I can choose one(s) with a very short front-to-back dimension? The...
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    Sink pop-up required?

    Does any code require that bathroom sinks have pop-up drains or any other similar device? By similar device I mean anything to plug the bottom of the sink.
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    Anti-scald feature

    Trying to understand how this works. I'm looking at the temp limit adjustment for a Kohler K304 shower valve. Seems it's just a travel stop for the valve. So if I adjust it for 120F max temp under existing conditions, it will be useless when someone changes the temp on the water heater. Am I...
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    Shower holder ID help

    Have a leaking handshower holder bracket that needs replaced. All of the shower parts (slide bar and hand shower) are American Standard Trevi. But American Standard claims this one part is not theirs. I think it is, because it matches the similar bracket on the slide bar. Can anyone ID this...
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    Need unusual toilet with 20" rough-in

    Gentlemen, I need a toilet that has the floor outlet located forward of the normal position, preferably somewhere under the front of the bowl. Does anyone know of such a toilet? Reason: toilet cannot move due to limited space, but we need to do some structural alterations of the floor...
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    Davke Drain out of business?

    Does anyone know if they are out of business? Last time I bought a drain from them directly was about 6 months ago. Now their website is expired. Can't find any info and none of the plumbing houses around here ever carried the product.
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    Bolt-up shower drain?

    Does anyone make a drain for an acrylic shower base that bolts up like a garbage disposal? some type of arrangement with screws and a collar? Existing shower base, I have access from below but not enough clearance to tighten the normal 3" nut in place. I am aware of the Wingtite but...
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    Water heater choices

    I am looking for a power direct vent heater, 60-75 gal, with a 65k or higher burner. Must be Energy Star, which means EF=.67 or better. Does not need to be condensing. I've identified the Rheem PDV65 as a possible candidate but it doesn't meet the Energy Star. Does anyone know of, or can...
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    Hard seat and soft seat

    What exactly is a hard/soft seat valve, what purpose does each serve, and where is one used vs. the other?
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    Multi-branch recirculation system

    Neither I nor my plumber have experience with multi-branch recirculation systems. We have a 4-branch return system to redo and I'd like to learn a bit. Does anyone have a link to a good design article on multi-branch systems? Couple of questions to get me started: 1. What are the typical...
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    Recirculating pump advice

    I have a customer with a dead pump that my plumber will replace. Single circuit residential. The old pump was a a Bell NRF-22. I have 2 questions: 1. Was the Bell & Gossett NRF-22 an acceptable pump? I thought that is a hydronic pump and pretty high flow. Was it proper to use it as a hot...
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