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  1. Ken Tannenbaum1

    Flushed water tank, all things good, except both toilets now flush with extra symphony

    After flushing the hot water tank, all sinks, showers are fine, no spitting. However, both toilets flush normally but on refill somethings not right, some kind of venting issue with the toilet on both floors. Thanks for any advice.
  2. Ken Tannenbaum1

    Calcium buildup on copper fitting at cold water inlet to water heater.

    Our hot water heater is four years old and defintely due for a draining which I intend to handle tomorrow. However. I discovered a calcium deposit at the copper valve controlling cold water entering the heater. I thought that calcium buildup would come after the heater, not before. DIYer that...
  3. Ken Tannenbaum1

    Oil tank code violation

    My oil delivery service company replaced an our old tank in 2014 and a few years later a mainenance guy said the vent was improperly inverted and told me it would be fine long as the tank isn't overfilled. It's been that way until now with no problem. But now the very old combi-boiler will be...
  4. Ken Tannenbaum1

    Whole house transfer switch mounted behind common wall

    Our electric panel's in a tight spot but the wall it's mounted on is clear on the other side. Can I mount a whole house generator transfer switch behind it with the back side of each box facing each other?
  5. Ken Tannenbaum1

    Just learned our basement oil tank is not-to-code, installed 2014

    Our Combi-boiler works but is ancient. A reputable guy came in to quote a replacement and he told me they won't touch it because the basement oil tank (installed 2014) is too close to where the new boiler would go AND that the tank's vent pipe is incorrectly done. So I'm stuck with no one...
  6. Ken Tannenbaum1

    6x6 post attached to bedrock

    I've got shallow ground here, 10" to bedrock. I want to hang a 10ft gate on a 6" diameter post that I'm attachiung to the rock with a Simpson cleat made for that size. The single 5" bolt into the rock is holding well but I want to secure the cleat further and prevent it from turning at all...
  7. Ken Tannenbaum1

    Gas Range Clock bonkers

    Installed a new range last month. The clock speeds up, we reset it and it speeds up again. Today it was set accurately about 8am, it's now 11:30 but the clock reads 3:10. I understand the frequency changr can make a difference but thought I'f check here. Thanks.
  8. Ken Tannenbaum1

    Blue flame heater for frozen pipe avoidence

    I've got an 1890 house with dirt floor. The 25 yr old boiler's still working okay down there. We're in the NE and have occasional power outages. We have a propane tank for the gas stove. A friend suggested a propane 30,000 BTU Mr Heater unit T'd off the propane line and set to it's lowest...
  9. Ken Tannenbaum1

    Adding depth to stair treads

    I live in an old house, the staircase is steep. It's got 7" risers and 8 3/8" depth treads. I can't remove the stringers. Is there a way to replace or top off the treads with deeper treads to make the stairs safer? I've got some open distance at the bottom of the staircase. Thanks.
  10. Ken Tannenbaum1

    P-trap placement

    I'm installing a new vanity and the tailpipe it directly above the drain pipe by about 10-12 inches. I could cut the tailpipe to make more distance. Can't figure out how to install a trap unless it's an S-trap of some kind. Any thoughts? Thanks.
  11. Ken Tannenbaum1

    Checking sanity • well pump replacement

    Replacing an old 1/2 HP 230v Burks submersible tomorrow morning. Lots of pressure ups and downs. I'm not an electrician but I see it's run off a double 20amp breaker. Also, there are five wires connecting to the pump (1) red, (2) black and (2) white. Guessing that's 3/phase? The well's...
  12. Ken Tannenbaum1

    Master electrician protocol

    Just built an addition which required a 100amp sub-panel. I provided the electrician a Square-D box I had used in other location for a couple of years before the old house was upgraded to 200amps. It had 16 breakers all previously working. SO the work gets done and every breaker was replaced...
  13. Ken Tannenbaum1

    Switch and receptacle plates

    I've replaced many receptacles and switches over the years. Just had an addition built and what's left to do is adding covers to all the duplex receptacles. What I see is that there's no screw holes north and south of many of the receptacles to attach the plates to. Doesn't look like they...
  14. Ken Tannenbaum1

    New A/C+Heater

    Just installed a Friedrich EP18G33B in a new addition which has BOTH 18K BTU A/C and 12K BTU heater. We're in the northeast and the heater seems way inefficient. Probably a stupid purchase. Anyway, what I'm thinking is since the electric's run to that spot (230/208 line), that I can install a...
  15. Ken Tannenbaum1

    New A/C shipped with dented coil

    Just opened the box to find an indentation on a couple of coil loops due to the shipper denting the carton. It's a big unit, 18,000 btu. It's not broken but the coli wall is probably thin and I wonder what to do. Ask thoughts appreciated. Hate to install the thing and find the leak. Thanks...
  16. Ken Tannenbaum1

    Roof vent configuration

    I've got a bathroom next to a kitchen with waste lines embedded in a slab and ALL CONNECTED BEFORE THE TOILET. There's a 24" foundation wall flush with the framing so I can't enter the framing under cabinets. The incoming lines will run in a box along the baseboard. The thing is. I don't know...
  17. Ken Tannenbaum1

    vent pipes

    Building an addition that will include a straight line of fixtures, toilet, shower, vanity and 2nd kitchen sink. They are all lined up on one wall except for the vanity which is on the opposite side in the new bathroom. The waste line is embedded in the concrete slab running to the toilet...
  18. Ken Tannenbaum1

    Tight spot

    I need to put a T into a 3/4 copper line with little room. I figure to use a Sharkbite Slip-T. I should be able to cut the pipe with a Rigid cutter but don't see how to deburr the pipe with so little room. Not even sure I can fit the Slip T into the pipe length I plan to remove. Probably...
  19. Ken Tannenbaum1

    Exterior window A/C filters

    Bought a house in a pine tree grove...loads of pine pollen raining down. We have window a/c's. I'm thinking of adding a layer of filration outside the house...attaching a an oversized filter to the back side of each A/C. Anyone see a problem with that? Thanks very much.
  20. Ken Tannenbaum1

    adding to T to pipe running to septic tank

    Just got the permit to add an addition which has a bathroom. The excavator/foundation contractor scoped out where the existing waste line exits the house and he will add a T to that pipe to include the new bathroom. I dug today to see exactly where the existing pipe exits the house (put in 20...
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