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  1. Dj2

    Question about Pressure reducing valve

    A house has 1-1/4" main water line, from the street into the house, but no PRV. Asked me to install one, as his pressure is 110. Can I cut the main line just passed the main shut off, install a reducer from 1-1/4" to 1", then use 1" PRV, then install another reducer from 1" to 1-1/4" and connect...
  2. Dj2

    Water Heater Prices

    Inflation rate in May 2021 had the highest per month increase in the last 3 decades. However, new natural gas water heaters are up 10% or more in the last month, at least out here. Example: A new basic 40 gallon N/Gas ultra low NOX, with 6 yr warranty goes for around $650 +tx. What do you do...
  3. Dj2

    Burner Assembly is Stuck

    Yesterday I came across a 38 gal gas Rheem WH model PROG38-38U RH60 and the Burner Assembly won't come out. First time that I can't get a burner out, and I've worked on so many Rheem/GE WHs before. Any clues?
  4. Dj2

    This is a first: clicking faucet

    This is a first for me: I came across a clicking and tik tikking kitchen faucet after turning it off. Hot or cold, doesn't matter. They last around 1 minute, and the faucet is not dripping while the tiks going on. Any experience?
  5. Dj2

    The Plumber and the Doctor

    A doctor called a plumber for some plumbing work, and noticed that the plumber had a hard time bending down and climbing stairs. Doctor: Have you considered losing a few pounds? Plumber: nothing works, my meals are irregular and even my sex life is pretty bad. My wife complains and I don't know...
  6. Dj2

    COVID-19, because it was 2019

    Any increased calls for clogged toilets due to the TP shortage yet?
  7. Dj2

    COVID-19 Funny Jokes

    - A man orders a large coffee to go, goes to the cashier, pulls a roll of TP, rips one square and hands it to the cashier. Cashier: that will be two squares.
  8. Dj2

    Moen's installation video

    I saw an instructional video on how to install a shower faucet on youtube. Can you spot the mistake? Installing A One-Handle Posi-Temp® Shower Valve: IPS to IPS
  9. Dj2


    Congrats to Seattle Sounders for winning the 2019 MSL Cup today !
  10. Dj2

    Congrats to Seattle Sounders

    Congrats to Seattle Sounders, For winning the 2019 MSL cup final !
  11. Dj2

    How reliable are shark bite couplings?

    Never used them before, but I need to extend a water supply outlet under a kitchen sink with limited space for soldering a copper coupling.
  12. Dj2

    A TX cowboy goes to Ireland

    And walks into a bar. He said: I will pay anyone $500 cash, for drinking a case of beer - nonstop. There was nobody to take the offer. 10 minutes later, the cowboy made the offer again. At that point, McGregor left the bar. Again, there were no takers. 30 minutes later McGregor returned and ask...
  13. Dj2

    Double kitchen sink

    A question to all: Where do you prefer your garbage disposer to be (if the drain set up allows): in the left sink or the right sink?
  14. Dj2

    Tank to Bowl nuts and bolts

    I had a call about a leak with rust behind the bowl. The bolts were completely rusted. For a few pennies more the tank makers can supply all brass bolts. I don't get it.
  15. Dj2

    Old American WH replacement

    A couple of days ago I replaced a 15 year old 40 gallon American natural gas WH. It wasn't leaking, it didn't have serious rust issues, just not producing enough hot water. Sometimes, even American WHs outlast their expected life.
  16. Dj2

    Seen on a Plumber's Truck

    "We repair what your husband fixed". And on another Truck: "Your crap puts bread on my table".
  17. Dj2

    I thought it was going to be "another Sunday"

    I got a text early this morning. It was from a tenant, so I pay for everything. "We have no hot water". I replied "be there asap". I arrived at the house, there is no flame, no pilot, water is cold. This is a 5 year old water heater. Tried to get the pilot lit up and stayed on. Got...
  18. Dj2

    What's on your WISH LIST?

    This is the season for wish lists. What's on your list? Tools, projects or otherwise.
  19. Dj2

    Horror basement flood stories

    Do you have a basement? Do you have a horror flood story? Share it!
  20. Dj2

    Seen on a restaurant bathroom wall

    Flush twice. It's a long way to the kitchen.
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